It has been barely two years since TundeCutz stepped into the editing scene in Lagos, but he’s worked with the industry’s finest artists, directors and brands including Davido, Lojay, Oxlade, PrettyboyDO, Zinolesky, Rema, Dammy Twitch, UAX, Adidas, Zenith bank and many others.

It’s summertime in Abeokuta circa 2015; Motunde Yahya is fresh from his O’levels and seeking a chance to further his education. He approaches his uncle who’s the owner of a production company in search of sponsorship and help. Like many relatives, he prompted Tunde to learn a skill and being the owner of a production company, a skill in film production was the most appropriate and convenient skill to acquire.

Long, weary days propped by the company’s in-house editor left Tunde still uninterested in editing and idea of it in total. Although Tunde was gaining substantial knowledge from shadowing the editor, he soon grew bored and was in need of an opportunity. The opportunity arrived in form of a gospel director and editor, Swag, who began spending time at the studio working on a project. Tunde quickly became drawn to his all new Adobe premiere pro CS 3, which was a whole new experience in comparison to the company’s Adobe premiere pro 6.5. This new experience piqued his interest in editing and ushered in a passion filled journey for him.

I became self conscious and developed an interest in movies and filmmaking

Tunde confesses after spending several years watching the greats of that time, Unlimited LA, Sesan, and eventually becoming the main editor at his uncle’s production company, he lost interest in music videos. He had learnt so much about it, the crooks and crannies of it and he just grew tired of the music video scene and wanted something new. Conversations with his friend, helped put into perspective his interest in movies. He went on to write several scripts and even shoot a few short films in attempt to tell the stories he felt needed to be told. His newfound interest also led him to explore the world and see what really is out there. He left Abeokuta and headed to Lagos in search for something better.

He was one of the guys that gingered my ginger

During our conversation, he talks about a friend so dear to him that was pivotal in his relocation to Lagos. “I had a friend, Mr Movies, he was always posting pictures of himself carry a RED camera. Ah Ah RED camera! That time it was something so big! .” Tunde says with excitement. “We used to talk about cameras and other stuff, he was one of the guys that gingered my ginger that year.” He says. His friendship with Mr Movies only blossomed over the years. Mr Movies introduced him to NextThought, a production company in Lagos, in 2018 and shortly became a member of their film family. He talks about how Mr Movies helped him purchase his first laptop in 2018. Prior to that he hadn’t had a laptop of his own despite having edited for a few artists courtesy Mr Folorunsho Ajayi, director, editor and founder of NextThought. His brother, Mr Oloruntimilehin Ajayi introduced him to Uax, a director, later that year. Tunde admitted What makes you sure? by Nonso Amadi directed by Uax was the editing project that launched officially him into the music video scene in Lagos.

Editors deliver the final treatment

To TundeCutz, editing is creating flow from expressions. “What they do during pre-production and on set is all part of creating the expressions, the editor creates a comprehensible blow from it all.” He says. To him, the most interesting aspect to editing is the composition. “I go through several stages to edit. I first watch all the clips, then I select the best clips or the clips I want to work with. After that the interesting part comes up, which is aligning the shots with the directors treatment.” He says. According to him, the treatment for a video transforms during pre-production, production and finally in post-production. He takes pride in the fact that to an extent he has the power to create the final treatment that goes out. “What I put together is the final treatment” he says with a smile.

Inasmuch as he’s spent many years in the industry, this is not the end goal for TundeCutz. He reveals that he still plans on pursuing a career in filmmaking, in telling stories that need to be told. He believes movies are important tools in influencing the society. “If you want to stop a behaviour or even encourage one, you can do it through films.” He says passionately. He dreams of making movies that can change lives and influence lifestyles positively.

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