Tiwa Adetoye is the Creative Director of Sapphire by ‘tieri Ltd, a 21st century fashion solutions company. With a background in Economics, she is a fashion entrepreneur based in Lagos who illustrates fashion messages for designers, fabric merchants and the likes.
When not illustrating to specifications, her typical style is to fuse African culture with non-African fashion especially in the attire or hair. She draws her inspirations from contemporary alternative music, fashion shows, social gatherings, or even a good book.
Adetoye Tiwatope
As rightly said by Thomas Merton, art enables me to find myself and lose myself at the same time
In addition to her illustration services, custom illustrations inclusive, Tiwatope currently tutors at fashion houses and holds fashion illustration workshop sessions.
In recent times, Fashion Illustrations is fast becoming an integral part of fashion designing and there has been advocacy of respect for the services they render.
View some of her designs below:
Check more designs on her Instagram Page

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