There have been a lot of weddings recently, especially celebrity weddings, and they have been stepping on our necks on the gram. The brides and even the wedding guests have been dressed to the 9s with amazing pieces from very creative fashion designers. Rita Dominic and Kemi Adetiba’s weddings gave us a lot to look at, and so many are feeling the pressure to oppress when the time comes for their wedding. Two days ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline when I saw this hilarious thread. 

On TikTok, some people called Rita Dominic’s wedding the Oscars of Nigeria in terms of fashion. Weddings have now become a full-on fashion show, and everyone is out to slay. And it’s not even just the bride and groom, but the wedding guests as well, so even the couple has to take care to not be outshined by their guests, especially the bride. It also doesn’t help that we have so many creative fashion designers in Nigeria that can slay your asoebi to perfection.

There are a couple of Nigerian fashion designers whose asoebi game is second to none. When they handle your asoebi, you won’t believe it’s the same fabric you handed to them. So many of us ladies have their asoebi designs saved on our Instagram and we can’t wait until we can afford them, because trust me, they don’t come cheap. And recreating the designs on our own with a different tailor would probably lead to a “what I ordered versus what I got” situation, and nobody wants that.

After speaking to a few Nigerian stylists and fashion enthusiasts, I’ve put together this list of the top 7 Asoebi dress slayers in Nigeria; not just asoebi, but everything wedding related. Form traditional attires, to wedding and reception dresses. So, if you have a lot of money to splurge on and you have a wedding or an asoebi to slay, the fashion houses on this list are your best bet for looking snatched and show-stopping.

In no particular order here are the top 7 asoebi dress slayers:

Veekee James

Veekee James is one of the best in the industry at the moment. The brand offers custom bridals, ready-to-wear and outfits for men.


Tubo is a Nigerian clothing brand that offers luxury bridal, bespoke, and ready-to-wear outfits.

Xtra Brides Lagos

Xtra Brides Lagos is a Nigerian versatile couture house. Their focus is on details and statements.

Deola Sagoe

The House of Deola needs no introduction; they’re known for their impeccable work.

Becca Neddle n Stitches

Becca Neddle n Stitches is a luxury clothing brand that offers haute couture, bridal and ready-to-wear outfits.


Matopeda is a clothing brand that offers custom bridal and evening gowns. One thing I’ll say for this brand is that it’s great at what it does. When it comes to wedding and reception dresses, matopeda will nail it.

Mazelle Bridal

Mazelle Bridal creates beautiful, classy, and modernised traditional attires that are tailored to perfection.

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