Stephon Dupree’ Warren Lexington is the CEO of Dupree Entertainment based in Kentucky, USA. Born in Kentucky in the year 1988, Stephon founded Dupree Entertainment in the year 2017.

Prior to starting up his own outfit, he has worked with several artistes and has a good relationship with major labels. His love for emerging talents made him discovered Bryson Tiller (RCA Records) & French singer Yo Trane. The 30yr old CEO in hopes with being under the umbrella of a major label. 

Stephon at Warner Music

When asked what is Dupree Entertainment Stephon quoted 

Dupree Entertainment is a place where I discover the best talent. Major labels only care about metrics & streams. I’m here to change that, I want to show that I can accommodate to any major that’s needed. I have a talent for finding raw talent & my discoveries hold weight itself. I believe the only thing missing is the credibility for my ear.

What is your greatest accomplishment? 

My greatest accomplishment was believing in Bryson Tiller when nobody else did. I remember the days staying up day & night networking speaking to A&Rs but never landed anything but look at him now.

What do you look out for in a talent at Dupree Entertainment?

I look for star quality, I know that term is thrown loosely but I want nothing but raw talent. I sign producers/songwriters/artists.

What label would you do a venture with?

I would do a venture with any label that believes in me. I’m looking for a company that will back my  vision with the artists I work with.

Artist to look out for?

Drebo Squeeze, Jake & Zac just to name a few.

What’s an average day like for you? 

Well, I’m like a vampire lol… I usually stay up all night networking sending out emails doing a lot of research.

What drew you into the music industry? 

When I was a teen, I was a party animal. I joined a promotion group in Louisville, KY called CPK [College-Party-Kings], I took what I learned from that and started throwing my own house parties. I’m very good at networking and challenging myself so I took a chance on trying to manage artist simply because I was good with social media and knew how to make things happen with no money.

How did you discover Bryson Tiller?

I had got linked with him through the first guy I worked with on music from Louisville. He did a record with Bryson, who was on the hook and I loved his voice. From there, I reached out to him and told him I’m gonna get him a deal, I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I made it happened.

What is the one thing that you learned about the music industry and what keeps you focused? 

What I learned ultimately is to not get your feelings involved. Business is business and it’s very important to build relationships. What keeps me going is because my story has yet to been told and I want to prove my work with branding & having success with the artists on my team.

You can connect with Stephon via his social media handles:

Twitter: imstephondupree

Instagram: imstephondupree



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