Coming from an entrepreneurial background with a father who started and maintained his own business, Sheri Hamilton is one of those women who have the rare ability to appreciate the business world. In her words, “My father had his own business so I have always felt like I had an appreciation for what it actually takes to operate a successful venture”. This inspired her business career and from inception till date, Sheri has never looked back at her life and regretted her career path.

From serving as the Vice President and Southeast Regional Operations Manager for JP Morgan Chase for over 9 years, she finally began working for Grant Cardone after he gave her an offer she just couldn’t say no to. Currently working as the COO of the Grant Cardone Enterprises, Sheri can proudly say that she is at a point in her career where she’s very happy with herself and all she does. This could stem from how she has climbed to the height she has attained now to the various achievements she has gotten in the period of time she has been working for Grant Cardone.

Some of the noteworthy changes in the business only came by when she came in in 2011. From having only 4 properties and 8 staff to a portfolio of 8,275 units worth over $2 billion, a staff of 140 employees, a digital TV network, an ad agency, a world class online sales training university and a high ranked conference for entrepreneurs, 10XGrowthCon, noted as the most impactful and attended conference event all over the world.

Concerning the attention she gives to entrepreneurs and how she achieves her aims in her business, she says, “We do what others refuse to do and our technology actually works. We get success stories from people using Grant’s principles in his books and universities every day. We actually have a usable technology that works for those that apply it and that is so gratifying.”

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