Ononiwu Ikenna is an urban wear designer, stylist and the founder of Drik – an Urban Clothing design company focused on urban outfits, sweat shirts, etc. “Our wears are targeted at portraying an urban street look, so we are focused on urban outfits like t-shirts, sweat shirts.”

Drik was started in 2017, he says, “We started unofficially in 2013, and officially in 2017 and so far it has been an interesting experience, not without its own challenges though.”  He went on to talk about how the learning experience was during his school years, at the University of Lagos.

A graduate of the University of Lagos, where he studied Mathematics, one begins to wonder why and how he ventured into Fashion Designing. He says, “It was about me trying something out and then falling in love with it”.

When asked about challenges he had experienced while running this business, he says, “We have encountered Nigerian challenges. From light situation to trying to get materials for the urban wears, the challenges just keep coming in.” He goes on to explain how tedious it is to get materials for the urban wears, saying that importing fabrics that would be used to make urban wears was not an easy task and even with getting it here, issues about the price and quality were bound to arise.

It would interest you to know that Ikenna believes that the saying “Less is more” applies to his personal style. He says, “I have always loved a combination of corporate and casual wears, but I have also always believed that with putting less on, and with the right combination, I can look way better.”

Drik has something in the works which Ikenna did not fail to mention – a collection, “Dada Boy Drik” done in collaboration with Dada Boy Ehiz. He said, “It is more or less like two brands coming together to put something new out in the fashion space”, adding that this was sure to turn the urban wear space around.

Not only is Drik all about the production of urban wears, it is also in the business of branding for corporations, with designs on urban wear t-shirts,  sweat shirts, etc. Drik has also been on notable runways like the Lagos Urban Fashion Show, which is a fashion show for strictly urban wears. At this event, collections were showcased from the Drik fashion line.

Ononiwu Ikenna, Drik’s founder is also a personal stylist and has styled well known celebrities. When asked the difference between fashion designing and styling, Ikenna says, “fashion designing is about creating an outfit, but styling is about putting clothes together, so personally I style people.”


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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