For the creative brain behind affordable luxury, the eyes are pleased and attracted to the highly-curated pieces Louis Awode and his team rolls out occasionally. No wonder, he is waving his flagship to the lovers and buyers of Clovis Casuals.

The inspiration to lead one of the most prominent fashion brands was conceived when the young and vibrant man graduated from university in 2015. Unlike many of his fellow graduates who delve into designing with the notion of self-employment due to the harsh nature of the Nigerian labor force; Louis had envisioned himself in the fashion path right from his early years in the university. For him, his time in school was sufficient to gain the exposure and build an insatiable desire to pursue a career in fashion and designing.

And he continues his story by reminiscing about his childhood. Louis grew up in an environment where fashion was a standard for both young and old folks. As a kid, his taste in fashion was impeccable and could never compare to his peers who had to be cajoled into adorning apparels by their parents or older family relatives. He was already used to selecting clothes all by himself at a young age. He sees fashion designers back then as idle and not leaving their comfort zones to satisfy their clients. His modern thought has killed that judgment in that the modern fashion designers have embraced infusion technology and the fashion world has greatly advanced. He says the fashion has taken a centre stage in recent times influenced by money and the attention of pageantry.

He sees himself as a muse and relies on his creative prowess which he has nurtured over time. In reality, he was the best in Creative Arts in high school and that accounts for most of his craft. He reflects and observes a subject deeply and transforms it into jaw-breaking ideas. Apparently, that has been the cutting-edge at Clovis Casuals. In his words, Clovis Casuals formula is ‘CREATE. WORK. RECREATE.’ He also inseminates his ideas with team members to bring out special and unique products for its increasing clients.

Louis sees social media as a rebellious weapon for businesses and their owners. More so, he believes no individual can do without the internet and social media in this present age. He also says Clovis Casuals is one of the foremost beneficiaries of social media and its merits. Interestingly, a large chunk of digital marketing and its potency of e-commerce have been invested into the brand to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

He states that art, in its form, is fashion. He also endorses art as a benchmark for every creative skill. He further reiterates that the love of art and creations must be in place before considering a career in fashion designing.

Louis Awode emphasizes that Clovis Casuals is a unisex fashion brand and hence, both sexes are highly respected and embraced when it comes to dishing out collections. He added that the vision of the brand is to meet every individual’s fashion urge.

Speaking about idols and fashion brands he admires, Louis admits hopes to ascend that summit later in life and the vision is still in place to compete with the biggest brands by pushing and pursuing this goal relentlessly. He mentions Nike as a brand that is extraordinary with their unique and innovative designs. On the national level, he looks up to Yomi Casual. In fact, he thinks Nike is explicit in their designs and will welcome a challenge any day by taking a leap of faith and growing globally.

And, with that, Louis Awode – C.E.O of Clovis Casuals – says ‘I’m done’ as we ended the interesting conversation and I’m left feeling, well, a little bit motivated.


his article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

Culled from Issue 21


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