This week on our influencer spotlight section, we feature fast-rising beauty influencer, Oma Jay. Oma Jay is a graduate of Media and Communications from Afe Babalola University but is now focused on her first love, “Beauty.”

In this interview, Oma Jay speaks about her journey into brand influencing, gender equality and shares tips and advice for aspiring content creators and influencers.

Oma, unlike most other beauty influencers, is a certified beautician. In her first year, while pursuing her degree in media and communications, she also enrolled in and attended the House of Tara beauty school. Oma fell in love with beauty as a young girl. She says, “My mum has always been a beauty queen in my eyes, and from time to time she would let me put on some of her pretty red lipstick and even let me paint my nails on weekends only.” That was when makeup and beauty carved their place in my heart.

There’s a new standard of beauty that social media has imposed on women, and so many are struggling to live up to it. As a beauty influencer, we wanted to know what Oma’s take is on this and what beauty means to her.

“Hmm… I think we recycle different trends over the years.” There was a time when babes would use concealer to clean up their lipstick in the hopes of giving their lips a smaller look, but now full lips are trendy, and the same for eyebrows. Some years ago, every woman wanted to have a high brow “arch,” whether it fitted their face structure or not, but now natural, effortless brows are in. The “standard” of beauty is constantly changing. It is important to find your own beauty and let it flow through you. Beauty, to me, will always be comfort, style, and being true to myself. “

Oma has always felt the need to help women feel beautiful by teaching them the tips to do so. When the pandemic hit two years ago, she started making beauty videos and uploading them on YouTube, but it soon became overwhelming because she wasn’t making the difference she wanted to. Fast forward to 2021, she decided to make a video titled “Affordable Makeup that Performs Like High-End Makeup [Nigerian Edition]” and posted it on Instagram and TikTok, and the comments inspired her to keep making those kinds of videos. One year later, she’s impacting so many women by teaching them makeup in one cool video after another. 

Doing this opened doors for her to begin the influencing journey that has led to her working with big and emerging brands such as Omaricode Beauty, Darling Hair, The Belle Store, Honey Beauty, and lots more.

Keeping in tune with her desire to help women find their beauty, Oma only works with brands whose products or services will add value to her audience. She also looks out for their customer service and the feelings she gets when interacting with them. If she’s able to vibe well with a brand, then she has no problem working with them and introducing them to her audience.

As a professional make-up artist, Oma’s friends, family, and clients open up to her about their makeup and beauty concerns, and she turns them into teachable beauty content. She explains, “Most of the time, the solution to their beauty problems are super simple, but they don’t know it because no one has shown them. That makes it so easy to come up with topics.”

Her top 3 apps for creating content are iMovie, Capcut, and Inshot. When asked what the most important makeup products are for someone starting as a beauty influencer, she answers, “Just start with what you have.” If you choose to start buying products in the beginning, you may become overwhelmed and confused. Borrow your friend’s makeup if you need to, but start with what you have and build from there.

March is a month dedicated to celebrating women and advocating for gender equality, as well as everything that entails. In that spirit, we asked Oma Jay what gender equality means to her, and she said, “Gender equality to me means equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender.”

Lastly, Oma Jay shared some tips for young women who are just beginning their beauty influencer journey. “Face your front, dears. Have a goal and focus on it. Consistency is truly the key. Learn from your competition. Don’t let the amazing opportunities change you for the worse. The biggest room is the room for improvement.”

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