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In 2006, Cynthia “CVON” Okpala became an MTV BASE VJ, being a Nigerian to achieve that platform was fabulous coupled with the fact that she was female also made it a great achievement. Seven years later precisely in 2013, MTV BASE AFRICA announced Ehizojia Okoeguale as the winner of their MTV BASE VJ Search Nigeria, making him the first ever male Nigerian MTV BASE VJ. Always full of life, Ehiz as he is fondly called opened up to Tush Magazine on how his experience has been so far.





Meeting with Ehiz the first time? You cannot but help notice his “very slim” body and his dreadlocked hair which make him look like a very naughty guy [actually he is] coupled with his ever smiling face, he confuses you on which perspective to view him. His signature dreadlocked hair has come to be accepted even when other personalities are cutting theirs off, his three years old dreadlocked which he started growing in November 2011 didn’t cause a fuss between him and his parents, even his mum helped him out to tie his first ever lock. On why he chooses to keep dread, he said “Afro doesn’t look good on me, skin also makes me look weird, dread is just perfect on me!” he said. Asked also if he sees himself also cutting off his dread just like other personalities? He stared directly into the TV in front and shouted “NO!


Ehiz as he now generally called went to University of Benin to study Mechanical Engineering but due to some certain reasons, he left in 2008 and completed his tertiary education at Lead City University graduating with a BSc in Computer science. Being the last child of his parents, no particular pressure was placed on him as he was sourcing for jobs here and there. On a particular day after watching the VJ Search advert on TV, his Mum sat with him and advised him into participating knowing full well her son is quite an “intelligent talkative”, yet he was reluctant into participating until his Mummy got him the form and that made him have no other option than to go for it not knowing that was the beginning of a new career for him.

In January 2013, with a panelist that included MI, Tim Harwood and Funke Akindele, Ehizojia “EHIZ” Okoeguale was announced winner of the VJ search competition which sees him joining other MTV Base in-house VJs such as Nomuzi and Sizwe Dhlomo from MTV Base SA.

Ehiz MTV


For me bro am totally enjoying my life using my abilities positively” he says smilingly about his life as a MTV Base VJ. Hosting four shows namely: Top Ten, Street Request, Select 10 and Continuity on the MTV Base platforms sees Ehiz working real hard, “I really don’t have free days, most times am usually at the studio recording interviews or working on myself personally to becoming the best at what I do” he further adds. Being with MTV Base for a year and some couple of months now has taught this young talented dude lot of experience so far.

Ehiz has gradually built his confidence daily, this you can tell if you are a regular watcher of the MTV Base Show being aired across local stations and o digital satellite station as well.

Most persons after achieving such feat tend to change their attitude towards their old friends but that’s not very Ehiz as he still relates and connects well with his old friends normally, “Omo why I go form ke, I don even go host two weddings for two of my old friends for Benin” he emphasized. So how well have you been able to relate with everyone without affecting people and your career? He answered by saying “Wisdom and understanding is profitable for all, I tend to always apply wisdom in all my dealing without trying to offend anyone


Recently Ehiz joined renowned on-air-personality Olisa Adibua and Osi at The Beat 99.9 to co-host the Morning Rush which runs every week days. Are you trying to become an OAP as well? We sought to know and he replied “I swear I just love everything am doing right now, I tried the OAP thingy back then at Benin but I never took it serious and I didn’t see myself becoming an OAP, I just love to talk and any platform I can get to talk, I talk” well that’s awesome since he gets paid for talking. Seems Ehiz is apparently utilizing his talents on every platform he gets.

He is also the co host at the monthly LoudNProudLive being held at Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island. Combining all these talk shows sure sounds like a hell load of hard work which if not careful could get mixed up but for Ehiz, with time and personal training, he has comfortably differentiated very platform he is on and still maintain his “mischievous personality”


Aspiring to becoming an Oscar Award winner like Lupita N’yongo who also starred in one of MTV Base Shuga series, Ehiz debuted as an actor in the MTV Base Shuga Series 3 and just as he says ‘I enjoyed the 7-seconds of fame on Shuga.” On whether he would be taking up a career in acting, jovially he says “You never know, I might just end up like Lupita

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