Gradually, we having many creative artist exploring their talents in this 21st century, amongst them is Iduze Mohammed, a 23 years old graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Ilorin, but also an evolving artist as he calls himself now – evolving artist.

Iduze took his drawing hobby as an extra curricular activity, doing pencil works, but he’s gradually drifting to the Digital Arts of recent since he got his Autodesk Sketchbook software. in his words:  “I’m kinda still in my brainstorm mode where I’m thinking of mind-blowing artworks to create….. And of course expensive,  you know like that Blue Canvas with a white vertical line that went viral . Currently I do portrait drawings,  portraits drawn to my own themes, they are totally different when compared to the originals, and I am interested in dabbling into Surrealism, a branch of creating drawing that is paradoxical with a deep meaning… I am also a Poet and into Motion pictures,  I make cartoon animations and do a little if CGI.” 

You can check some his works displayed on his instagram page: Boss_Iduze






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