In May 2020, just a few minutes before the commencement of Wizkid’s versus battle with Jamaican Dancehall legend, Vybz Kartel organized by online radio, NoSignal, a mysterious song was played by the online radio. Thousands of listeners listening from several continents were enthralled by the swooning vocals of two artists on the track—Oxlade and AdeJosh.

The song, “Good Love” which was first made by Spotlight would put AdeJosh into the spotlight. His flow had a phenomenal rawness, oozing promises of blissful love. Recorded before the pandemic, its release was timely. “Oxlade was in London last year with shows where he was guest performing, between that, we linked up in the studio,” he tells me. “Bizzle was instrumental to that song as he suggested a collaboration should happen between us. We had sessions with ATG and it was just organic vibes. We made a few songs, that wasn’t the only song we recorded, just one of the songs released.”

The success of that song made people ask: Who is AdeJosh? Born Adejoshua Aderoyeje to Nigerian parents, AdeJosh’s relationship with music began very early. Like most artists, his journey with music would start from the church. Having a fondness for the piano and its melodies, the instrument would lead him to diving deep into the world of music, getting lost in the different varieties it presented.

“Me playing piano in church made me able to learn different styles of music and how to be able to infuse them into church music,” AdeJosh recollects. “So I fell in love with Jazz, with neo-soul, with Salsa, with different styles of music. Even the music of grime, I fell in love with me. Now I’m infusing all these, all what I have learnt into my sound.”

That early background in music is prevalent in his sound. His leanings in grime, dancehall, R&B all coalesce into what makes AdeJosh today. His music swings from bright and engrossing to deeply tender and sometimes, evocative. We hear this fusion across his discography, notably his latest release, Bandits.

While other rising artists have relatively had it easy with a co-sign or a guest verse from a superstar act, it’s been a truck load of rejections for AdeJosh while coming up. It’s what inspired Bandits which featured ADZ. Recorded in 2017, the gently strummed ballad is predicated on emotions and resilience.

“When I was on my way up, I was looking for features,” he confides to me. “I reached out to many artists I looked up to and I got rejected. What inspired Bandits was knowing my worth, knowing that if they won’t open the front door, we would enter through the window. It’s knowing the relentless spirit of chasing what you want.”

Before the release of Bandits, Adejosh had stamped his name in the UK music scene with his glossy hook on OluwaJBeats’ Owner. The video which has garnered over 300k views on YouTube helped beam the spotlight again on AdeJosh’s relentless ability in crafting sticky hooks on tracks. The virality of the song is by no means his efforts alone. “That song did wonders,” he reveals. “The online radio, Nosignal helped with that because everyone was on lockdown, locked into listening to music via radio. Shoutout to my publicist also, Mobolaji. She’s a genius.”

When asked of his plans for the new year, a breath of optimism is dispersed by AdeJosh. Listeners should expect a deluge of releases in 2021, he promises. “I’ve got some dope features coming up. I’ve got projects, just sitting down, ready to go.”

This article was written by Olabode Otolorinconnect on Instagram with him here

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