The very first time I heard ‘Geng’, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it deserved a remix.

It was simply a no brainer.

One of those inevitable things in life; like Uber and slay queens.

But there was no way anyone could have expected the high-octane, upbeat street anthem to incorporate the caliber of people that it did – two sworn rap enemies, a convicted OG and a young viral hitmaker.

All veritable hip-hop heads.

A union made in rap heaven.

An unlikely Geng.

A little backstory, the Geng franchise was so big that DMW signee, Mayorkun crafted an EP out if it.

Three distinct remixes; the Naija Remix, the Africa and UK remix; featuring 10 artistes in total.


This piece unpacks only the Geng Naija Remix. Without a doubt the most amazing of the three versions.

Deal with it.


Sinzu kicks off the track with a well-oiled swipe at the hordes of people who don’t give him the credit he thinks he deserves.

Shey na me dis small boys wan dey talk to? 

I can’t relate I no be your mate, I be uncle.”

Then the mandatory sexual reference brag, roped around a highly-advertised but publicly untested sexual prowess.

Okay you know me Geng Geng, chunk up the hood when I gang bang.

Three or five hoes in a hotel, if it goes well, nigga that’s a geng bang.


YCEE went next and a clever recount of his record label woes is his choice path.

Omo read contract before you go sign,

Make you no end up with the wrong guys.”

Then he too tried to establish his extraordinary sexual prowess by making a claim to his being the reason why “…that girl no dey reply your chat.”

Ycee’s spirited verse ends rather hurriedly, needing more room for expression.


When was the last time MI and Vector were on the same track?

Right, never. 

That is at least 80% of the reason for their famed feud.

So for Mayorkun to orchestrate this feat without any blood being spilled is quite commendable.

But trust Vector to slip in some cleverly-disguised diss in the process.

Set awon short shit damn

Tell anyone, sit down.”

A reference to his famous tweet reply to MI’s support of AKA during the Xenophobia issue in SA.

This didn’t take away from the military approach of this verse. Vector didn’t think the use of wit or humour was necessary to pass his message, so he created a well-rounded vibe without it.


MI had to come last, OG and all.

His verse was a bit basic though, lacking the all-consuming factor that an MI verse is known to have.

He went for levity laced with humour rather than straight-out clout.

This coming after the seriousness of the other verses, kind of rubs you a little differently.

That being said, MI is probably the only person on the feature that does justice to the topic, giving us an impressive constellation of ‘gengs’ that are in existence.

I mean, the list includes,

Twitter haters Geng, finish data Geng, Influencer Geng, Licking nose Geng, OGB4IG Geng, music critic Geng and so on.

You would need a few track listens to properly get through all the tribe of Gengs he called out.

The bounce MI employs in his verse helps keep the groove of the song intact, not loosing steam in anyway.

Like Vector, he finishes strong with some mandatory self-adulation.

“Bachelor squad, no wifey geng

Fresh fit boy for lifey geng. That’s me, my geng, geng.”

Following the universal trend of weekends and hitsongs, this isnt a bad time to drop the remix EP, but Mayorkun could have easily worked with half the artiste he did on this remix and still made an impressive track. 

Maybe like the song suggests, he wanted to give a clear idea of the spectrum of abilities that his Geng possesses.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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