“Babylon is everywhere, you have wrong and you have right. Wrong is what we call Babylon, wrong things. That is what Babylon is to me, I could have born in England, I could have born in America. It makes no difference where me born, because there is Babylon everywhere.” – Bob Marley

 They are everywhere, in secondary schools, in the streets, in universities and polytechnics. Teenagers and twenties who are strong imitators of the “Marlian Lord”. It is no longer strange for a school boy to hang his waist belt around his neck while his trouser is falling off his waist. If you care to ask why the reply would be ” Nah we be Marlians, thousand trousers zero belt, zero manners”. And he feels right for saying what he says without a thought about societal norms.

Crazy hairstyles, alcohol and weed addiction have been trending among our teens and twenties before Naira Marley showed up – no doubts. But we cannot say for certain what this young influencer is up to – is he trying to restore sanity back to the mind and safety back to our streets, or is he here to trigger the storms by giving a boost to the previously existing chaos.

Naira Marley ( the Marlian Lord ) has claimed to be a lover of Bob Marley ( Reggae Lord and Rastafarian) and from whom also he had gotten his stage name, but a close study reveals that their differences far outweighs all similarities put together. Bob Marley was a Rastafarian ( a Jamiacan religion) so he believes about ganja ( Rastafarian term for marijuana) were tailored according to his religious belief that ganja was a holy sacrament that aids in meditation by helping the user achieve greater mystical insights into the nature of the universe and bring him closer to Jah ( Rastafarian term for God ). Smoking marijuana for Bob Marley is an act of meditation contrary to what it is to Naira Marley.

Four years back, Snapchat used Bob Marley’s face as one of it’s digital filters on accounts of digital version of blackface – Bob Marley represented black justice, he was a person who hated black slavery in every sense and stood for equality and social justice, we can see it from his songs  ” get up, stand for your rights, redemption song, buffalo soldier”. He had won the Medal of Peace from the United Nations in 1980. He was not fighting against societal norms and values rather he stood for it.

Naira Marley’s wide fan base popularly known as the Marlians, most of them cannot even tell why they like him, it is possible that they are pulled to him psychologically – in the sense that, they love the fact that this young man could come up boldly to make a dysfunction look right, the fact that he is a celebrity is an ego boost to stir up Babylon in Nigerian streets.

This article was written by Benedicta Chiwendu; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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