The daylight turned into darkness gradually as we journey through our fatherland, a place of milk-grounds and sweetened honey, even as we romanticize our historical heritage.

Things are no longer easy like it used to be, with our sweats running down from our head to our cleavages  under the scorching of the sun, our right nostril have to shift to the left and vice-versa before we get our daily needs met while we cater for our loved ones at the detriment of our career and personal investments for the sake of posterity. We now peddle our boats in frustration as we seek refuge within the economic difficulties and political exploitation. Amidst all of these stumbling blocks and Wilde-challenges, what baffles me about these ubiquitous Nigerians is that they are regarded as  happy people.

There’s something hidden and spectacular that makes us smile while we suffer. Oh!!!, that is why the legendary Afro singer, Fela Kuti lamented in his song- “my people are suffering and smiling”.
How can a man under political and economic oppression be smiling daily? obviously, there’s something unique and psychological about it.

The Nigerian Music Industry and the entertainment sector at large has really influenced the life and environment of the people, it has created this antidote that makes us forget our societal upheaval. We have disdainfully loose focus on the failed political blocks and we have wrapped the economic deficiencies into the hands of our gods as we remember them no more, believing that “one day, one day,  he go sha better”. We take music and entertainment as our popular culture,  a home where we find solace.

Furthermore, Nigeria might be regarded as the world capital of poor people, where poverty has launched it’s tattered tenth of abode peacefully. But we are not depressed and the number of suicidal attempt is incomparable to other nations.

In other words,  we can  say that our popular culture is a prominent determining factor that makes us lively and happy even as we all complain temporarily about our challenges In a comical way.
At the time when Big Brother Naija show was running, millions of Nigerians were following through, to see the conclusive juncture as they support their own participant. Millions of votes were recorded and the media was full of opinions about the show. People neglected their problems for fun. Even the participants of BBN ended up being the brand ambassador for different brands which boost up the sales and profits of the brands and automatically contribute to the economic growth of the nation.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is a topnotch one amidst many, we are globally recognized, our music, fashion, comedies and dancing styles have been exported, and they have travelled through several oceans, into many countries. Our shaku shaku was danced by an international football player during the World Cup after he scored a goal. Wizkid and Davido have taken the African identity to the western world, getting global recognition. Recently, an international filming company in America invited Genevieve to cast in a foreign movie,  a remarkable one that we reckon with. Also, our comedians, the Moliere and Aristophanes of our time, brilliantly mock and criticize the government and the flaws in our society, with the use of satire they speak comically while we laugh and forget our sorrows.



This article was written by Olufemi Akojede; connect with him on IG here


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