What is the first thing you do when you wake up while you are still in your bed? I know you probably won’t answer this question sincerely, so I would help you out. You most probably check your Instagram account first for likes if you posted the night before, or for gist from instablog9ja (if you didn’t post on IG the night before, then you check your WhatsApp for any messages that must have been left through the night, next you open your Twitter account, scrolling through to see what you missed, who tweeted what, who subbed who, you check subdeliveryman for any gist, check the one or two people you are stalking, if the network seems terrible, you drag down your notification bar to see if BBM is connected, then you go back to twitter, after a while close it to pray or if you are not so big on prayer, stand up to prepare for classes.

It all sounds familiar yeah?

Now have you ever wondered why you probably don’t get to read much? Why you just glance through the leaflet in your drug packet instead of actually reading it? Or why you prefer to look at pictures rather than read through articles; Do you remember those days when you used to be a book worm? LOL..not that kind of book worm. I mean the type that could stay glued to a novel for hours. But now, you can barely get past the second page. I would tell you where the problem lies.

There is too much content out there. Every day, we are bombarded with mails, or tweets, pictures and videos on our snapchat accounts, it gets too much, and we can barely take any more words or scribbling into our heads. Daily it gets worse, everybody wants your attention. And so by the time you can actually get away from social media, your head is too saturated and all you want to do is sleep.

Information moves at a faster rate than before, and our minds are struggling to catch up. This is why you find it so hard to read those notes and only end up rushing a day to the exam. This is why we would rather rely on word of mouth than have to read something.

However, all hope is not lost. If you miss your old reading habit and would love to get back into it. Here is one tip for you.

Switch off your data for at least 6 hours a day.

Yes! You wont die. More so, you are a student and need to be reading those books not tweeting, instagramming or snap chatting. Those would most likely not help you pass your exams. It is time to leave Facebook and Face your books. Try this single tip and leave your data off for 6 hrs of the day, and see how wonders start to take place in your academics.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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