This young man had engaged me in a discussion and the only reason I was interested in this conversation was because I felt I needed to play the nice girl in order to get what I needed when it struck me. When have I ever done something just for doing it and not because I was to get something from it?

Before you start to judge me, let me ask you a question which I hope you answer in all honesty. When have you ever done something just for the sake of doing it and not because you feel you would get something out of it. We love to feel like we are good people and we do all the good we do out of the meekness of our spirits but even that is a lie. We lie to ourselves.

On the road we give to beggars not because we are truly compassionate about their predicament but because as our Christian brothers put it “give and it shall be given unto you good measures pressed down bla bla bla.

We get to church and give tithes not because we really think we should give ten percent of our earnings to God but because the Bible happens to have outlined “repercussions” of not fulfilling this obligation.

The pastor wants to make the church give more and his sermon for the day is tied to how “when you give, the Lord (as they always put it) comes down in all his might. In the end, many people sow seeds and start to think, I gave #10000, surely I should get #100000 as though Christianity was 1+1.

You are about to write off this article yeah? But wait before you do, let me burst this bubble you have built for yourself. I bet you that if Heaven wasn’t in the mix, 99.999% of us would not be interested in our Bibles let alone about knowing if Jesus Christ died for us. That killed you yeah?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an unbeliever (though I’m sure some fanatics have labelled me that). All I’m saying is: Why does “selfish” as a word exist when each and every one of us is? Why is “You are selfish” seen as an insult when in actuality it is our way of life to give something in expectation of bigger things. I mean you won’t even call me selfish if you weren’t expecting something from me that I did not give.

So I rest my case. When next someone says you are selfish, tell them everybody is. Even them. I mean nobody does anything for nothing. Your parents pay your fees so that you take care of them in their old age. Your partner doesn’t complain when you ask for sex every time because she knows when it is time to get money from you, she would get it. You don’t go to church because you just love being there, neither do you chant “Heaven at last” just for the sake of doing so. It is all so we get something in the end. So get over yourself.

In the end, this is just how I feel and my views can be argued as being “Subjective”.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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