Songs say it is unbreakable

Movies say it is incredible

Novels say it is magical

Friends say it has to feel special


Mama said it would happen

She just had to finish school

Dad said it didn’t matter

It wasn’t a marriage rule.


She is a grown woman now

She looks forward to her first kiss

For the man who deserves that

She has a long list.


You’ll think she wasn’t ready

To be a wife and raise a home

For the features of her choice man

Are high as the specs of an iPhone


He’s got it all covered

He’s ready for a wife

So he searches for that lady

With whom he’ll share his life.


He has a small condition

He wants to know if she’ll make a good wife

Before they get married,

He wants to have a test drive.


Why won’t we fail the love test

When we read the wrong book?

The script’s right in our face

But we’ll rather overlook.


The past died yesterday

But it doesn’t rest in peace

We hold a remembrance everyday

Choosing to forget peace.


Be kind or act blind?

Many would choose the latter

Subscribe or feed a child?

Many would choose data.


If love is the answer

I will show some working

Love is in the action

Not just in the talking


Love is kind

Love is not rude

Love is supportive

Love is not self-centered


Love is hopeful

Love is not boastful

Love is trusting

Love is not easily angered


Love is loyal

Love is not jealous

Love is patient

Love is not proud


The case has been examined

You are found guilty as charged

I hereby sentence you to a study till understanding

Of the 13th of Paul’s letter to the Corinth


Written by Aneta Chinsell – an OAP and Spoken Word Artist.

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