Dear “You”,

“You get rich and have problems that you never thought.”

“Ten milli’ plus on a crib and its vacant.”

“I shoulda did better, but it’s cheddar.”

“Tryna show you love, but you don’t feel me/ Gave up on me, so you turned your back.”  – Future, Never Stop (The WIZRD)

Among my fears, the thought of living lonely in an empire consumes me, flaming fire. The thought of feeling empty with my pocket full, scares me. I hate to imagine what lack in the midst of plenty would feel like. The whole idea of dreaming is to bring the vision to life; you are an essential part of that vision. The perfect picture is to have you by my side, all the way till the very end. We should do this together for real.

I know my shortcomings: concealing my affection, disguising it and not telling it. The truth is: I love you; and forever is what I want with you, but life has put too much weight in these words. My mouth cannot bear the weight – not yet, at least. A man like me whose pocket is empty, save for a Naira and a dream, love seems priced above my means.

Yes, I know the depth of the words: “when you find both love and friendship in one person ❤️…” The meaning of those words have been known to me a million times; each time, it is you who comes to mind. I crave your company more than I ever tell – for every one thousand hours we spend conversing, a thousand more goes to silently thinking about you.

I am convinced that you are the special one. I have shared some of life’s best moments with you; and to be honest, I want a lifetime of bliss and fulfilment with you. There are too many stories about the insufficiencies of love, but I like to believe ours can be different; and maybe it will inspire others. If otherwise, and we walk different paths, you have my best wishes my “good friend.”

With love from,

Oluwatobi Ibironke

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