Joy, 24, meets this young dashing man who is everything she has ever wished for in a man.  He has names already for the kids he would supposedly bear with her. He has lofty ideas about a honeymoon in the Bahamas and if Buhari’s economy would not allow it, it would be done on a private beach, he says laughing – “Just you and I”.  She wants to take it slow at first. I mean, they are only just starting out, but he goes on to fill her head with tales about a Vera Wang wedding dress. The wedding dress of her dreams, she can’t believe her ears. He knows exactly what she wants. She thinks he is cool, and even cooler that he is the one drawing up ideas. She has heard tales about how the lady should wait till she gets the hint that the guy really loves her before she starts building castles in the sky. But this one really loves her. She can sense it. She starts dating and every morning, he showers her with messages about how beautiful she is, how she is the best thing that has ever happened to him, how she would make a beautiful wife and an even more loving mother to their children. He already named the first two Eva and Lukas; she was supposed to get the name for the 3rd child.


Then one day, 4 months later, it happens, just a very slight argument which is followed by a break-up. She wants to cry, but she can’t find the tears. There is nobody that can console her. It is a week to her exams and so she must soak it all in and focus, but she is broken. How does she even begin to pick the pieces of her heart or even start to think about writing exams? She would never understand why he broke up, because he refused to even see her after that call and warned her never to call him again.


Months pass and the day she sees a viral video of a proposal, which she watches and finds out to her greatest surprise that it is him, she realizes that she was never the one. Eva and Lukas were never names meant for her children with him, but for the other girl. The other girl whom he had introduced to her as his best friend during the relationship; he had told her that his bestie had a boyfriend who was soon going to propose to her and so Joy had decided to let matters lie low. After all, his bestie was there before he met her. She couldn’t come now to drive her away.


But here and now, he was getting married to his bestie and this was reality. He was the one who was supposed to propose after all, and she probably was a side fling for those four months she held close to her soul. Those four months, where she kept spinning threads in her head about their wedding, their family, their marriage, their honeymoon. It was all gone now and she would have to live with this pain for the rest of her life. She would never trust anybody and would come to see men for what they truly are – evil, dark creatures who derive pleasure in doing nothing but causing heart rendering pain; and she would come to see love for what it truly it is, A CRIME.


This story was written by Blessing Iyamadiken. Any semblance to a real life occurring story is simply by coincidence.

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