She is a jewel of blazing radiance, I often call her the “Perfection of beauty” She had dove eyes too jealous to behold, her curves were perfect like made in heaven. I already told her about my undying feelings, so she promised to reply my proposal on Valentine’s Day. It was a day where the Sun did not rise, thousand melodies broke million love clouds, it was magical that my azure sky went gloomy, bright stars fell on that day.

She knocked at my door, I welcomed this angelic lady on Valentine’s Day. She was shining like stars of new galaxies, I couldn’t hold my breath that my astronomic feelings rose. I gave her a special treat with tasty cookies. After dancing to my music, I knelt at her feet and said “lady of light and golden colours, your supernova charms have brighten my heart, from the skies above to the deepest love, I had never felt like this in my entire life.

I can go a million miles, just for you.

I can write a million poems, just for you.

I can sing a million songs, just for you.

I can jump the sky, just for you.

I can climb the moon, just for you.

I can harvest the stars, just for you.”

She was just blushing like red roses, I told her words that can make angels fall, she said “hey mister you are too good, you can woo the moon to sleep in your room” I said “my heart and soul is just for you” she said “YES” on that day. She kissed my lips, she closed her eyes, she held me tight, I touched her perfectly, and she was in a love coma.

I opened my treasure, splashed her efflorescence, she loved the smell of my fragrance. I took her on a super-date, bought her chocolates, a lovely gown, a golden watch, and gave her a loving kiss. On that day she couldn’t hold her love feelings.

Lost in my love she was really up for me. I took her to the hill of love, she lost her eyes to my starry stories and comet tales. From a lovely date, to the hill of love and starry stories, to my house.

It was Valentine’s Day, so I painted my house red, she was an un-touched super beautiful damsel, but that day she danced to all my soft romantic music. My house was filled with spices, I spent my life savings, I decided to give all to get her, so she was carried away with my charming smiles and love poems.

On that day I lay her on my neatly spread blue bed, I loosed her gown lovingly and gently, her voice was down, she said ‘yeah’ silently

It was her first time, blood didn’t stop on that day, she shed tears, and I felt for her. She asked if I would take her as my bride, I lost my speech on that day.

This article was written by Babarinde Abraham Oludare; connect with him on Instagram here  

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