Have you ever had all the finest gold and diamonds? The finest cars and accessories? The wealthiest business of all time and just like a flash of lightning; You lost it all. Down to the drain, back to the darkest tunnel and slowly sliding out of existence. This is Matthew Peterson, One of the finest and wealthiest oil mogul walking slowly towards the beach – for a peace of mind or a peace out of existence.


It was a wee-wee blasting sound in the middle of the express road, cars and motors started clearing their way for the finest fleet of cars with tinted glasses to move through. Though, it was clearly written on people’s forehead that the sound was very irritating and annoying to the ears and they felt dehumanized to having to clear their way. But whose problem was that? If you want to have security bulletproof cars, go hustle for your own money or keep quiet and let the elite pass. They own the society you live in.

As they move through, a familiar looking expensive jeep had the plate number of Engr. Matthew Peterson (don’t ask why there wasn’t a number instead), If you want your name customized, go do it, If you don’t have the money and connection, then keep quiet and manage your plate number which took you so much stress to have or better still keep walking with your patched slippers and admire the beauty of the vehicle as you walk in the tarred road constructed by Engr Matthew Peterson.


Matthew Peterson lay in the comfort of his luxurious bed sipping some wine and flipping through today’s paper. He had a selfish grin, nodding repeatedly as he admired his front page full photo of him celebrating his achievements on his birthday. One of his male PAs walked in.

‘Sir, the ladies are here.’

He smiled. ‘Bring them in immediately. I hope you made my choice – clean and pretty light skinned girls.’

‘Yes sir, Your favourites.’

Four beautiful looking light skinned girls walked elegantly into the room, all looking sexy and sophisticatedly dressed. They should be in their mid 20’s or thereabouts. He smiled and spread out his arms.

‘Come to Daddy. I hope you are going to give me that sweetness of yours throughout the day. I want my dick sucked the way you suck your broke boyfriends dick.’

He turned to his PA

‘No meetings or guests for the next three hours’

‘Okay sir.’

‘Come here sugar’ He waved to the ladies.

The four ladies immediately pulled off their clothes and jumped into the bed and the dick sucking, fingering, dry humping, condoming, orally, and frolicking began. He slept in the middle of the sex play while the ladies continued their dutiful job on him, each taking turns to suck a small dry dick worth billions of money.


The four ladies were his escorts for the day as he took them to his white themed birthday party. The known oil moguls, top elites, and socialites were present at the birthday party. It was a live event carried across TV stations and blogs. This was the most talked about birthday party ever as he gave out 20 million naira each to 5 students to further their education. He was worshipped and glorified as the godfather of the society.


The road construction which had been in progress for three years now was even getting worse as the road was before. The community had complain to their local head to lend out their voices to the contractors to finish the road once and for all, but it seems there was no progress. The community decided to take to the streets to protest, the ever kindhearted Engr Matthew Peterson came into the protest and promised to finish with the road project, As compensation for walking under the hot sun and getting dehydrated, everyone had a bottle of chilled drink with beef to help gain back their strength as they walked back home fully satisfied with some snacks in their stomach.

You the reader can go back next month to find out if the road was completed. If it has been completed and now tarred, you owe Engr Matthew Peterson a huge acknowledgement, if it has not been completed, you can go to a store nearby to buy some chilled drink and beef to compensate for your wasted strength and curiosity.


He smiled as his phone kept beeping repeatedly. He had been awarded the contract to build an oil company in the heart of the middle-belt region to provide more welfare and resources to the community.

He remembers he was yet to complete his mansion which was still under construction and the multimedia company he wanted to buy and privatized. He also had to pay some millions into the scholarship account.

He picked up his phone and dialed his consultants.

‘Fix the meeting for 12pm today. That company is mine.’

As a good and kindhearted man, he paid the millions into the scholarship account and travelled all the way to the middle-belt region and shared millions of welfare relief to the people. He was hailed and praised and some dance group women composed a melodious song on his behalf as everybody ate and drank till they were satisfied.


Engr. Matthew Peterson paced up and down, he was furious. How could a less counterpart who had no knowledge of this job win the contract. No, this can not happen. He must have that contract, its a must! He called one of his female PA and instructed her to call his driver.

‘Sir, you sent for me?’

‘I want you to go give Mr Daniel Mo this files. I am sure you know him, my counterpart, no he is my partner. Give him this files. He would be joining you back and we would meet at the assembly hall.’

‘Yes sir.’

The driver drove to meet Mr Daniel Mo as instructed but neither the driver nor Mr Daniel Mo made it to the assembly hall as they died in a car accident. The contract was awarded to Engr Matthew Peterson and he gave a long speech about the death of his faithful and peace loving counterpart, no! Partner, and wished he could wake him up from the dead.


The news and media sites were buzzing all over as the top oil business mogul was being investigated for fraud, and misappropriation of funds. A new party had sprang up to check into the finance of the society and already had 75percent votes from the people. Engr. Matthew Peterson was on the top list and some of his properties were being seized. He was given 24hours to appear for interrogation but Engr. Matthew Peterson would not be humiliated before an underage group, he won’t be stripped off his integrity as he disguised as a mad man into the streets, walking, pacing, soliloquising, talking to himself till he found himself at the beach. He would have peace of mind here if he allows the water to carry him.



This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here

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