Rookie, however wave-making producer, Michael Ovie Hunter, popularly known as London is a British-Nigerian that was born in England and raised in Kaduna State by a Delta State Mom and a London citizen Dad. His wowing account of how he became “London” is a testament to the fact that asides human attempts at success, grace is also a factor that cannot be overemphasized.

The true account of his journey began to make sense to an outsider when asked about his educational background. To that end, he shares his story with us thus:

“I finished high school in 2016 in Kaduna and immediately began my search for admission to higher institutions for my Bachelor’s Degree, but the mediocre system made it impossible to achieve that by merit, you have to know someone and most times, you have to pay money to be admitted. 

Two years into the search, that’s in 2018, I got frustrated and resigned to fate. With my experience as a drummer in my Church, I began to take personal lessons on beat making when, out of curiosity, I discovered the FL Studio software in my system for the company I worked for in Kaduna as a graphics designer. 

My parents wouldn’t have obliged me if they found out, so I was always with headphones that concealed what I was actually doing. So for the whole period of 2018, beginning from February, I dedicated it to learning the art of music production, and the rest they say is history.”

Speaking on how he came to Lagos, he remarked that as a “Church boy”, one would have expected him to end up as a gospel music producer, but for the fact that he wanted something more challenging, he took to making afro tunes and posting them on Instagram where music consumers and professional producers alike took interest in him and began to accord him some attention and respect. According to him, he got his break when super Mavin producer, Babyfresh began looking into what he was doing and always gave him guidelines on how to better his art. 

“So in 2019 when I decided that it was time to move to Lagos, I had a go-to person in the name of Babyfresh. He is instrumental in my success today because it was he that took me in and even introduced me to Don Jazzy and the entire Mavin Crew from where I began to try my hands on hit making with the big shots,” he noted. 

When asked about the challenges he faced or is facing in coming up to where he currently is now, London replied thus: “I tell you, I didn’t experience any of such things o. I didn’t have to go through those hustle and bustle things I hear about. From the very moment I crossed my mind that I was coming to Lagos, I had Babyfresh waiting for me. So my movement was practically from Kaduna to limelight through the ladder provided by Babyfresh in the form of the Mavin platform. Though I am not signed to the label, we have a strong working relationship and agreements. I prayed, yes, I did pray, so let’s just say that God’s grace was sufficient enough to see me through. 

On how he came about the name “London,” he remembers fondly how his light skin propelled the team at Mavin into calling him “London Boy” because of his parentage. According to him: 

“initially I didn’t have a tag or signature on my beat, but there came a day when I added the chant “London” to my beat and I was encouraged to take it up, that was how the name came about and so when I was making “So Fine” for Crayon and “Bad Commando” for Rema, the tag blended and gave me courage to move on with it, so now it is London everywhere.

For his ambitions in 2020, he maintains that he has no other ambition for now other than beat making. “I am steadily creating. Making beats for 2021 because that’s how I work. The beats you’ll hear as my handiwork in this 2020 were all made in 2019. I am that futuristic,” he said.

He did mention, on a note of finality, when asked if there were influences or role models he looked up to, that Altims is his idol due to his creative ingenuity that runs the risk of being tagged “weird”. He also mentioned that he loves Sarz and looks up to both producers.  

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