I use to ask myself that question a lot and it started to sound like being emotional was a flaw, a fault, or something plainly wrong. I mean, what is so wrong with being emotional anyway? Why do we have to constantly camouflage or suppress our feelings and emotions? Why do we have to fake the strength we genuinely do not possess?

I was strong on hiding and boxing emotions up in dark rooms until I stumbled on a beautiful article from Lonerwolf; I got an email notification on the blog post and I totally ignored the mail for some 14 days because I wasn’t exactly sure if I was even ready to let go of my “emotion-boxing” habit.


I eventually read the article and I am forever glad I did. I’m glad I wasted all that time leaving that mail marked unread for weeks (I hate leaving mails unread for the record) because I believe the universe was waiting for the right time for me to consume that beautiful information.

I read it and finally admitted that being Emotional or Hysterical isn’t a flaw or a sign of weakness like we seem to make it be these days. I read every line of that article, digested them, meditated on them and decided to live by no rule.

Asides developing a habit of constant gratitude, learning and deciding not to give a f**k anymore, unboxing my emotions was the 3rd life changing lesson I learnt in 2016. I made a solid decision to embrace every emotion that I consciously and unconsciously project henceforth with.


QUOTE: “This generation wants to be so emotionless so bad”. – Unknown.


The Result?

My life has changed, not drastically, but gradually I suppose. I have learnt to accept actions, strengths and weaknesses in all its capacities regardless of the aftermath, my thoughts and that of others.

I have learnt to love unconditionally; I have learnt to love regardless of the fear of the unknown. I have learnt to trust people, or better yet give people a benefit of doubt. I do not unnecessarily have to guard my emotions all the time, but I am wise about a lot of things.

I feel a lot lighter letting go of my emotions; I literally use to feel heavy all the time. I did think I was overweight at a point, so I proceeded to a lifestyle of exercises and less sugar; that lost me some pounds but I still felt heavy AF. It wasn’t a physical weight, it was an emotional and psychological baggage I was carrying around like a bus park “agbero“.

As much as I would love to highlight every line of that article here, I’d just drop a few paragraphs I couldn’t resist copying. I would also leave you a link to the article on request.


My favourite lines mashed up:

The reason why things are getting difficult by the day in this country is because we elect and nominate dispassionate and purely logical members of our society in the fields of government, business, religion & education.

We are already seeing some of the effects of emotional constipation within these fields in the news recently. It is troubling when we ask questions such as “Why am I so emotional?”


Ladies and Gents, our emotions are here for a reason. When we truly listen to them, we find amazing hidden insights and wisdom underneath each one. It is normal to experience these emotions, but it is abnormal to suppress them or pretend they do not exist.




Au revoire.


This article was written by Joyce Imiegha; Culled from Issue 15

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