It’s common sight to see youths with earphones all around, you see us on the streets, in class, at home, while reading, even in church and I’m no exception. So, the question is what are we listening to? The answer is right here…Music! According to Nielsen’s Music 360 2014 study, 93% of the U.S. population listen to music, spending more than 25 hours each week jamming their favorite tunes. Wow, that’s a huge number but trust me it’s reality. It is rare to find a youth who doesn’t listen to a little something. It might be Jazz or Hip-pop or Gospel or RnB… the list goes on. The fascinating thing about this is that though we all listen to music, we don’t listen to the music and I would explain.

I’ve been an Asa fan for years and I thoroughly listen to her songs and when the Bed of Stone album came out four years ago, I immediately had it on my playlist. The good thing is that it didn’t take time before I could sing along and dance to every song on the album while the bad thing is that I just discovered a few months ago the real message of the song Bed of Stone, a song I had been listening to for years. I can’t remember what I was doing that day but I paid attention to the lyrics and I realised it wasn’t what I had thought it was. The song had a deeper message.

Okay, at that moment I realised the song talks about an ambitious lady in a foreign country who lives in an unfavourable condition, eats leftovers, works and toils at jobs others wouldn’t want to do. She remembers home but she has to work and even be very careful about it to avoid deportation.

/…..excerpts from Asa’s Bed of Stones/
  “On her feet from dawn to night
        Working jobs others don’t like
         Sometimes she wonders if
        They know that she is there
         The way that they talk to her
          Look through and stare
          Almost all the money she earns
         She saves for the day she           returns
         She goes through left overs
         When the market is closed
         Without paper she knows
        The police will send her home”

So you see, I’ve jammed this song for years but I guess one can say I was just singing along without really listening and its unfortunate that it’s like that for most of us though we rarely notice. The question is, What are you listening to? It’s like a book,the author has an intention and that’s to impart knowledge but it might just be lost on us if all we do is check the cover page and skim through, we’ll  never really gain anything.

Henceforth, whenever you plug your earphones in, go beyond the beat and listen, you could even Google the lyrics, it’s all to get the reason why the song was actually written. That really, is the essence of music!


This article was written by Oladapo-Ariyo Titilayo; connect with her on IG here



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