So you may be wondering why I decided to use this title: “Linda Ikeji: The Woman Of The Moment“. There is a lot about this woman that you just cannot ignore.

The first time I heard about Linda Ikeji was in 2012, and my friend had said if he wanted gist that was 100% real, hers would be his first point of call. Four years later, the phenomenon that is Linda Ikeji has evolved from being just a blogger to a media entrepreneur.

It is no news that Linda Ikeji Social is the newest thing on the block. While a lot of people are skeptical about how much of a success it is going to turn out to be, I think there is a thing or two we can learn from her.

Linda Ikeji has been quoted saying she has done a lot just to make it. And so many of her efforts fell by the roadside. What did she not do? She once modeled, started a magazine, etc. Even blogging was not an overnight success for her. If you ask her, she would tell you, that consistency and hard work are the major keys to success.

She has become a role model to youths, not just because of her blogging, but also because of her life. Look at her today. What do you think would have been of her if she chose to look back and relax or even stop totally those years when blogging didn’t pay her? What do you think would have become of her if she chose to listen to “’Nay Sayers” and prophets of doom? I have many friends who would say for one reason or the other that they do not like Linda Ikeji. But please, in Olamide’s voice, “who they epp”?

Linda Ikeji has shown us that truly you can start from the bottom of the bottom and get to the top. I mean, she said once that she used to go to the cyber café to post on her blog when she first started. Can you beat that? From Mushin all the way to Banana Island all from the proceeds of a blog. What did you say your problem was again?

She has shown us that there is no excuse for failure. No matter where you are, there is something you have to give no matter how small, there is something you can do to improve your situation. Stop waiting for the big fat cheque from that job you have been walking the streets looking for since two years now. Start small, start where you are, start something really small. Stop complaining about the economy. The government would do little or nothing for you. What can you do for yourself? What can you do with your hands? Learn a skill, charge for it. Do something, do not just sit down there complaining about nothing.

And lastly, pray. Linda Ikeji never ceases to let us know that none of it would have been possible without God on her side. So whatever you do, pray and watch GOD replenish your hard work with success.

This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken.

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