The world woke up to troubled news.

A Hollywood screen icon and one that exuded unapologetic blackness had gone to be with the ancestors.

Chadwick Boseman, known by ‘Marvel heads’ the world over as the super-charged African hero and protector of the Wakanda dynasty, powered our screens and our beliefs with his phenomenal portrayal of T’challa in Black Panther.

In the throes of his record-breaking box office success and a troubling four year period, the 42 year old actor had his personal struggles with cancer off-screen that a majority of his teeming fans were unaware of.

A frightening on-and-off struggle with colon cancer was not enough to stop the black fighter from dishing out box office hits like Da5Blood, 21 Bridges and his portrayal of real-life historical figures like James Brown, Thurgood Marshall and Jackie Robinson; defining his meteoric rise through the ranks of Hollywood’s finest talents. 

Chadwick Boseman has always been an advocate for black rights and it came through in his last instagram post before his untimely demise; which was a subtle endorsement of his support for democratic party’s vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris and in extension,  Joe Biden. It featured a picture of Chadwick and Kamala all ‘cozied up’ and the message “YES @KamalaHarris,” with the hashtag #WhenWeAllVote #Vote2020

Chadwick’s record-breaking influence went beyond the world of movies and impacted his passion for advancing black-centered initiatives around the globe. His heartfelt desire to teach people to follow purpose was a highlight of his interviews and speeches and a hallmark of his extraordinary personality.

In the wake of the grief, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have not forgotten that the Black Panther sequel movie has been scheduled for May 6, 2022 and a few people took to social media to express their opinions that the role of Black Panther should not be recast.

And although 43 doesn’t feel like a really long time, when aligned with purpose and achievement, it brings everything into perspective; it’s how we live that matters and not how long.

 Rest in Power King!

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