I have been having a little charging problem with my smartphone. I wish the phone could just stay on forever without ever having to be plugged in again; but it can’t and I get it. It is kind of like how I feel right now – unplugged: unplugged from all the things I loved and still love to do, and I feel turned off just like my phone.

I instantly fell in love with music when I won a dance contest in grade five. But where I come from, music is nothing more than just a hobby and pursuing a career in entertainment is considered a sure road to failure. So, I gave in to society. I traded my “art and music” for “chemistry and physics”. Eventually, I settled for architecture – a blend of what they wanted (a more prominent career) and what I liked (creativity). And as much as I would like to blame society for the lack of inner peace I feel, I shouldn’t. I had a choice to dare to differ or duck to conform and I conformed. While it is clear that the cure to my discontentment is doing what I love to do, the time away has caused me to doubt myself. Is there really hope for a late bloomer?

According to Forbes’s Matthew Herper, there is scientific proof that if you want to be successful and recognized in the entertainment industry, your odds start dropping after the age of 30. In the early 19th century, the average famous person became well known at 43 and mid-way down the century, fame came at 34. By the mid-20th century it had dropped to 29 and I am guessing it would continue to drop. 

I am 23 now, and although I’ll love to believe it can never be too late to bloom, I know it could. But not because a few articles say so. It gets too late when your voice can’t hit that note anymore, when your hands don’t play the strings the same way, or when you can’t remember the lyrics to your song. And for me, that time isn’t coming anytime soon.

So, beyond the enormous discontentment and doubt I feel, I will go back to my first love – Music. I want to be plugged in again and shocked back to life.

This article was written by Ken Anekwe; connect with her on IG here 

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