It was never in the books of history that the world was going to abolish slavery and come back to it after decades. The world woke up to news of Modern age slavery on social media, with disappointing remarks and expressions. Decades ago, history had it that there was a massive influx of slaves from Africa, especially the West Africa.

Libya’s current situation could be trailed to the regression the country is suffering from after the demise of former ruler, Gadaffi. A reminder of the brouhaha between the United States and Gadaffi years ago shows that Gadaffi knew Libya would be nothing without him. Libya is a failed sate where every situation is acceptable. A country that boasted of a stable and one of the best economies in Africa few years back.

Libya should be ashamed of herself as a nation. Can you imagine the austerity of the situation? Africans selling Africans! Black men selling black men! Slave trade in this era and age and people are being sold for little as $400.  Slavery is totally barbaric and unacceptable. I feel the world is turning its back on the issue as we are allowing the darkest moments in human history unfold before our eyes and hence repeating itself without serious attention from humanitarian organizations.

Libya’s membership in the Africa Union (AU) needs to be revoked if they fail to address, control and calm the heat their citizens have generated so far. Libya is also taunting the bond that exists between member states in the African Union- a decision which will be calamitous to her in the long run.

One can only think of the psychological effect it will have on the victims. Human rights violation has not been treated fully and now more victims are being courted in chambers of shame and guilt without succor. One can only hope and call for a halt to this mess happening in our world right now.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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