February is here again and as globally perceived, it is a month of love being the Valentine month. As a dedication of love, we are putting out a series of articles centered on love which we believe should help improve your relationship life/goals as a youth.

#LetThatHurtGo2016 written by Winifred Ononikpo is one of such articles. Read below and be sure to practice any worthy tip/advice.


February-the-month-of-loveIf you take a pee break off Twitter, you are certainly set to miss something or come back to meet everyone going off about something. Luckily, the hash tags make it easy to catch up and follow updates about a trend.

As much as people make noise about leaving a certain pattern of behaviour in an old year while heralding the arrival of a new one, some of these patterns creep their way into the new year.

2016 was not left out as its inception witnessed the #WasteHisTime2016 trend. Interestingly, it appeared to be a global movement as fellow Twitter users abroad joined in trending the hash tag.

The bottom line of this trend was an outcry by heartbroken females, suggesting tactical ways of leading the male folk on and dashing their hopes of a serious relationship just when he’s at the nip of thinking or believing he’s in one.

Now one would imagine guys will be more mature and laugh it off but trust social media to dish the exact opposite. There was an instant backlash on females resulting to #WasteHerTime2016.

On close analysis of both trends, the real situation is #WasteYourTime2016. I want to believe all the tweets I read in relation to these trends were banter and no one actually applied them to their real life.

At any point in time, your resources, especially time, money and even emotions are invested in carrying out your “revenge mission”. You may be thrilled your plot to get back at someone is working out but in the real sense, you’re wasting your time as well. The time spent playing Femi for being a Yoruba demon could have been used in meeting Dele who is better off and building a relationship or network that will turn out very beneficial.

There’s really no gain going after a new person in hopes of meting out ill treatment just to have revenge for what was done to you previously. If it works out and the new victim goes on the same spree as well, the result is a trail of broken hearts which isn’t good for the world.

Mother Teresa said it is a kingly act to assist the fallen; if we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive; and it is in loving we are loved as well.

As we herald the month of February, the month of love/Valentine, I strongly advocate for #LetThatHurtGo2016. You’ll be shocked at how different the air of freedom feels compared to the thick mist of not forgiving.

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