Classy and beautiful Nancy Isime, a TV host, actor and media personality has successful made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, building a scandal-free career. From being a model and winning several beauty pageants to starring in movies and hosting the popular Trending on Hip TV, Nancy indeed has become a name to reckon with.

In this interview, she let us in about family, career and beauty routine.

Who is the personality behind Nancy Isime?

My name is Nancy Isime, I’m from a family of 5 [my father, my three siblings and I], I lost my mum at a tender age. I had a strict father so basically my childhood was normal. I am from Edo State but I was born and raised here in Lagos, had my primary and junior secondary education in Lagos then moved to Benin for my senior secondary education and then back to Lagos for my tertiary education where I studied Social Works in University of Lagos.

As a child, what were your hobbies?

I loved playing a lot as a child, I drew a lot because I was very good at it but then lost it much later due to neglect in practicing. I also remember watching TV a lot.

When did your journey into TV presenting start?

I got into TV presenting through modeling. Prior to modeling, I got into ushering because I thought I could make a few bucks and by chance I started modeling in 2010 professional and I did jobs for the likes of Lanre Da Silva, Modela, Adebayo Jones, MTN, Fidelity bank and several others. As a model, I had to attend so many auditions here and there for runway events and the likes. During one of these shows, one of the directors who had come to direct met me backstage and told me I should try acting because I looked good on camera and he even went ahead telling me to go for an audition he knew about. Same also for TV presenting, I got a referral to audition for a TV hosting role at Ultima Studios which I eventually got and then my godmother notified about an auditioning here at Hip TV.

Can you remember your first major movie role?

I have never seen myself as having that major break yet. For me success is a couple of small victories here and there; I don’t see any job as small or big and I put equal effort into anything I do, so it is left for you to quantify which is major or not.

Did you at any point attend a course on TV presenting or acting?

No I never did. Most of what you see on screen is the collective efforts of my producer, the camera and other persons; I just try as much as possible to give a good representation of all the hard work that goes into production. I literally learnt everything I know by working hard and by always striving to be better.

Of course I had favourite TV presenters like Ellen and Oprah I watched regularly but I actually learnt on the job.

What are your plans for next 5 years?

I don’t have any; I just take them as it comes. While growing up, I wanted to be a lot of things, from been a Lawyer to been a Doctor and now I don’t think I have to restrict myself to just one thing for the rest of my life. God has the best plan, so I will just have to do my best, be a good person, work hard at anything I have to do and concentrate on my present. Most of the movies I shot last year would be out this year.

You have movie and TV going on well for you; would you ever go back to modeling at any point?

The thing with modeling here in Nigeria is that it isn’t going forward. Models aren’t been recognized properly, people just see them as mannequins to display whatever they want. We don’t have any supermodel here, the few supermodels we have are Nigerian models that went to another country to practice their trade and then we try to claim them because they are Nigerians. Quitting modeling was a big decision for me and I don’t think I would be going back; I can model for brands but that would be on a different level, maybe brand endorsements or brand influencing.

What is your daily living routine?

I work every day of the week; I am also on Tinsel and I have to record Trending twice a week. Although I am working on getting a day or two off for me to rest but for now it is basically work back to work. I have been working since I was 17 years and I love working; working doesn’t give you idle time to do irrelevant stuffs or even feel bitter about someone’s progress. If you feel good inside of you, you certainly would show love everywhere you are.

Do you have a skincare routine you practice regularly?

Yeah. If you are on TV, you certainly would have one. For me it is cleanse, scrub and moisturize. Get the perfect product that works for you and apply. My signature hair just so happen at the time I had unhealthy growing hair, I had to cut the hair so it could all start afresh but when I did, my barber at the time told me it was really nice and it was so funny because I remember when I was younger my dad used to cut my hair and I didn’t like it because it didn’t fit me but I guess as you grow older, certain structures and curves start falling in place.

What is your life philosophy and who are your role models?

My first role model is one of my aunties, Mrs. Maureen. I first met her when I had to go school in Port Harcourt as a teenager and she is probably the most courteous person I know yet very disciplined. Professionally, I look up to Oprah of course not because of her money but she has a way she does it that and it is just so amazing trying to understand it.

My philosophy about is life is trying be kind at all times, knowing which battles to fight and how to fight them.


Culled from Issue 19

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