Its Halloween!! Inasmuch as Nigerians don’t acknowledge halloween or the entire concept of celebrating ghosts, spirits and occultic figures, halloween has gained some popularity in Lagos over the last few years. If you don’t want to feel left out on the fun of costume parties and horror nights, here’s a guide for you this halloween.

Games night haunted house? count me in! This is a great way to unwind from the week’s stress and hang out with friends. it’s also a great reason to go full costume mode.

Another party! party on saturday then party on sunday, sounds like a sold plan to me.

Lagos and parties are like 5&6, are you really surprised there are so many parties?

If parties are not your scene and you prefer a more chill artsy vibe, this could definitely be for you.

Nothing screams Lagos like a weekend beach party. Suns out, bikinis out and fun colorful drinks, what’s not to like? A great way to end the weekend and get ready for Monday.

So don’t say I never did anything for you all, if you’ve been stuck on what to do today and how to spend your weekend, you’re welcome because your answer is here.

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