The sequel to one of the most successful movies of 2019 is finally here and it’s more than just 2 hours of quality filmmaking. King of Boys: The Return of the King is back on netflix but not as a movie but as a 7-part limited series. Alhaja Eniola Salami AKA Laburu is back from her five year exile and is reliving some of her most painful memories.

The first episode welcomes Eniola back into Nigeria and we get a glimpse of how she’s been handling the consequences of ehr actions. Haunted by the death of her children, she spends her evenings lamenting to God to forgive her as she takes matters into her hands by physically attoning for her sins. I felt deeply connected to her pain not because I know half of what she’s going through but because she (Sola Sobowale) makes me feel what she’s feeling through her performance.

We’re introduced to a few other new characters through the episode such as; the current governor of Lagos State, Mr Tunde Randle, who seems to be slightly worried about Eniola Salami’s prospects in the upcoming gubernatorial elections. We’re also introduced to Odudubariba (Charly Boy) who has now assumed the role of the king.

This series has amazing potential. The first episode was captivating enough, not too much backstory to throw you off if you don’t remember what happened in the film. I think putting eniola in such a vulnerable state is a great way to get the audience to connect with her. I sympathize with her and automatically want to see her get redeemed. what I can’t understand is why she wants to run for state governor? she just came out of a terrible relationship with politics and is suffering the consequences from it, why go back into it?

I also really enjoy the interaction between herself and her younger self, it shows a great contrast between who she is now and who she was. But then again her ‘new’ personality is probably just a result of her being so engulfed in her grief. I can’t wait to see how a lot unfolds in the season.

I really want to soak in the season, I don’t want to rush the episodes just to write reviews. I’m going to take my time to watch each episode and really connect to the story.

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