Not many musicians leave their mother-labels and go on to achieve bigger success like Kizz Daniel did. The case has always been a sad one for many Nigerian and even international artists who, sometimes out of necessity and most times, out of arrogance, attempt to be their own bosses and call the shots by themselves. 

One international artist we can all easily recall his case is our dearest and most beloved Michael Jackson who, after complaining bitterly about being ripped off by Sony Music, went on to become a free agent and personally produced and marketed his Invincible album that sadly did not cut the MJ mark in the global market when compared to his previous groundbreaking sales’ records under Sony.

In Nigeria, we have many cases of those who left their mother-labels and spiraled into oblivion within a short time. Perhaps we may revisit this topic and then pay full attention to some of them, in order not to lose track of the points I’m trying to raise here. 

There have also been many guys, 2Baba for instance, who left his mother-label, and after suffering some losses for the first couple of years, became a huge success that sent his older label packing from the list of entertainment shot-callers in Nigeria. Wizkid equally had same history, however, the slight difference between his story and the legendary 2Baba rests on the fact that even when he left EME, he never struggled to retain his spot in the industry, rather he skyrocketed beyond words, and if I’m not exaggerating, beyond the musical visions of EME. Such is the case of Kizz Daniel who left G-Worldwide at the time no one expected and gave us reasons to justify his move. 

Kizz Daniel has a sound, a good sound that his stay under G-Worldwide would have dampened. It is true that his former label gave him the needed platform to project his sound, but the more amplified Kizz Daniel sound became manifest the moment he became responsible for himself, the moment a label wouldn’t have to be the ones to choose what to promote or overlook, the moment he had to write and sing from his heart without holding back. 

Kizz could easily be categorized as an Afro Beat or Afro pop act, but he continues to chart the direction of his own sound that nobody else could lay any claim of semblance. From his very first single “Yeba” under the FlyBoy imprint, Kizz has creatively evolved a private sound that is solely his. 

In this era of plagiarism and hackneyed repetition of sound patterns by many Afro whatever artists today, it is heartwarming to note that Kizz isn’t perturbed by any trend, he isn’t interested in sounding like any other person that his very self. From not ever dropping a bad song to maintaining his unique lane, Kizz has given us so many good sounds that we can only designate as The Kizz Daniel Sound.

N/B: Mother-label is the author’s coinage for any label from where an artist broke out.

This article was written by Ifesinachi Nwadike

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