In the wake of the novel corona virus that has forced many people into self-isolation, businesses that curate indoor entertainment like streaming giant Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music & Spotify’s vast music ecosystem are, for the lack of a better word, making a killing.

We know this how? By applying the age-old element of investigative scrutiny as perfected by the famed Sherlock Holmes; it goes without saying that social distancing has provoked more indoor time, which inadvertently creates more screen time and probably more family time (depends on the family involved). The outcomes are varied but they all point to an increased need to be entertained indoors.

Shockingly, people are actually watching TV more, terrestrial and otherwise, and it’s an outcome that no strategy meeting could have adequately predicted at the beginning of the year.

Streaming has increased globally with Italy’s largest telecommunication company, Telecom Italia recording a whopping 70% increase in internet traffic. Gaming platform Twitch’s viewership spiked by 10% and Youtube Gaming by 15%.

In Nigeria, although there are not many statistics to gauge, there is also a marked rise in virtual social engagements, with an interesting spike in online conversations, especially on Twitter. People are now trading movies, podcasts and music titles in their daily convo (usually on the phone) while many formerly uninterested consumers are taking to Netflix and other streaming platforms for their daily dose of entertainment.

More eyeballs equal more streams and in turn, more money, both for the streaming giants and the creatives who have their works on the platform.

So it’s no surprise that Netflix recently announced the release of a $100 fund for out-of-work creatives on productions that has stalled due to the corona virus/Covid-19 pandemic shutdown. This effort has been applauded with many other platforms following a similar line of action to show support in this time.

So if your self-inflicted isolation is making you binge-watch a lot of movies, consume a lot of podcasts or kill time with a lot of music, it is comforting to know that your attempts to kill time might just be saving someone else’s life.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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