Earlier this week, I got online to see a video in circulation. This video was one which showed ex Big Brother Nigeria Housemate, Kemen caught in the act of sexually assaulting another Big Brother Nigeria Housemate, TBoss. I watched, dumbstruck as Kemen slid his hands under the sheets and touched TBoss in the most private of places. As my  curiosity would have it, that short clip wasn’t enough for me and so I went over to YouTube to see if I could get any more videos.

Lo, and behold, I did and not just any video but one in which Kemen claimed said that was his normal way of sleeping. He went on and on defending himself in front of the housemates saying he didn’t understand why in his words “a misconception” would be taken too far especially since that is how he sleeps.

To say I was dumbfounded is an understatement, hearing those lies spilled out from his mouth was a slap on my face as it would have been a slap on the faces of so many other Nigerians who watched that video.

I am a lady, a feminist for that matter and as such I take matters relating to sexual assault very seriously. I do not understand how and why men feel it is okay to behave inappropriately in that regard. I do not understand why a man would take advantage of a lady who is unconscious. It all boils down to indiscipline and lack of control. But then again, look around and you find that the average Nigerian Man is scum. The average Nigerian man would take advantage of you as a lady whether you are unconscious or not as far as the situation seems favourable for him.

You think it is a lie, ask your female friends how many times those Yaba men have tried to touch her unnecessarily in parts that are better left alone. Ask them how many times they enter buses and the man beside them is trying to touch her breasts or even peep into her shirt. We go through so much in this country in the hands of these men who have let their libido take the place of common sense. But then, I shouldn’t be surprised, common sense is after all not common. What is worse is that Kemen has supporters, and brands are not having a problem associating with him. How low can you get to tolerate such disgrace.

As far as I am concerned, what Kemen did is despicable and he is not deserving of the least sense of freedom. Such people should be kept somewhere and be made to go through some sort of rehabilitation. To think I once watched him say he was passionate about women and their struggles…struggles my foot! Kemen, I hope you read this and I hope you realize that what you did is despicable. You are despicable!!


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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  • Ariyo says:

    I totally agree with you…. but….I don’t like the “Yoruba men” part…..apart from that flaw, the article is on point….

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