Maybe just like me, you are not a keen follower of Hollywood and its bitter-sweet tales. The constant but undulating waves of scandals, as well as the high and low times of these artistes, has somewhat become an inherent characteristic of this multi-billion-dollar industry. Little wonder, Kanye’s story instantly caught my attention. Oh yeah- the legendary Kanye West that fell a while has risen again. Verily, this affirms that change is the only constant thing in life.

Back in February 2016, seeing Kanye openly seek financial assistance from Facebook’s Billionaire CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on popular social media platform-twitter, was a pathetic one which nobody saw coming at all. The popstar went as far as addressing Mark as “brother” just to gain his audience.

Series of notable happenings that trailed Kanye’s sudden downfall trended all over the internet and made news headlines. Rumors even had it that he gave his life to Christ, following several clips of him leading Sunday services while passionately leading praise and worship sessions with gospel songs surfaced online. Following the sudden downturn of events in 2016, Kanye announced he was neck-deep in debt of about 53 million USD and was barely staying afloat. Amidst all this crisis, his ever-supportive and darling wife Kim Kardashian stood firmly by him all through these trying times.

Needless to say, Kanye’s journey to becoming a billionaire was not one of those overnight success stories. Indeed, it is one filled with many life-changing and high-risk decisions being made that will later turn his life around for good. Back in 2016, Kanye floated his shoe franchise “YEEZY” in collaboration with German footwear giant-Adidas. This lucrative deal holds the credit for producing mostly top of the line, high-range footwear shipped all over the world.  Kanye’s “Yeezy” deal saw him cash out an all-time high 15% in royalty plus a juicy marketing fee to cap it. 

No soothsayer is needed to tell that Kanye’s major income comes from his Yeezy deal, although his other assets in real estate are estimated at 200 million USD. According to a recent report by the Valentiam Group, his music still rakes in about 110.5 million USD. With the ‘Yeezy” brand now worth 3 billion USD as at the end of 2019,  Kanye’s income stands at about 150 million USD before tax from the footwear franchise. All these multiple incomes and many more which are hidden from the public have culminated to rank Kanye as one of the world’s latest billionaires.

Alas, in just about four years the kid labeled as the “most unlikely to succeed in college” has caught doubting Thomases off-guard and risen to become a FORBES-RECOGNIZED BILLIONAIRE with an estimated net worth of 3.3 billion USD. I must confess this is no small feat and remains a rare zero to hero story we might not witness in a long time to come.

This article was written by Adegbite Muyideen Adetunji; connect with him on Instagram via here  


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