Not so many Nigerians knew who Justine Skye was until rumors about her relationship with Wizkid started flying around a few months ago. It also increased speculations with her just released single titled “U Don’t Know” in which she featured our very own Wizkid. Our curiosity got the better of us, and so many people, I included, started to dig around the net just so we could find out who really this damsel was.

21 year old Justine Indira Skyers is an American Singer who was born on August 24th, 1995 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York. Of Afro-Jamaican descent, she got her career started about 7 years ago when she performed a “trailer” for a book, Rules To Rock By. This trailer featured then teen singers, Justine Skyers, Sofie Kapur and the author of the book, Josh Farrar. Two years later, in 2011, she would release a cover for “Headline” by Drake, on YouTube.

At 16, Justine Skye left high school for home school after spending two years there, as she started building her music career. She is one person who capitalized on the importance of social media by using her Tumblr and YouTube accounts to create an audience for her music. At 19, she got signed with Atlantic and released Everyday Living, a seven-track EP. Two years later in 2015, still with Atlantic Records, she released another EP – Emotionally Unavailable. Early this year, 2016, she got signed to Roc Nation.Justine Skye recognizes the influence social media platforms Tumblr and Youtube had on her music and she stays true to her audience, even till now.

She has featured a couple of artistes in her songs like Tyga in Collide, Vic Mensa in I’m Yours, and more recently, our very own Wizkid in U Don’t Know. She has also been featured in songs like Beautiful Day by Burberry Perry, in which she was featured along side Lil Yatchy, Kylie Jenner(whom she happens to be close friends with) and Jordyn Woods; and also Overtime by Schoolboy Q in which she was featured alongside Miguel.

On social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, Nigerian fans would not stop reading meaning into her every tweet or picture post, and they always make sure to troll her. An example is when she tweeted about missing her “G” who we all figured was Wizkid. Apparently, she had celebrated her 21st birthday without him because he was on tour at the time. But trust Nigerians never to stay on their lane. A Nigerian had tweeted in reply to that tweet “Don’t distract Wizkid for us”. But in the end, it only shows how much we love our own and how protective we are of him.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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