June Ubi is a bold and vivacious British Nigerian music artist. The pretty looking act is undaunted with the acceptance level of female artistes here in Nigeria, rather she is working to creating her own space.

june ubi

Tell us about a bit about yourself.

My name is June Ubi. I’m a British – Nigerian music artist, who is from Delta State but was born in West London. In between studying and obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, I’ve been going to Nigeria several times in a year.

Why did you choose to do music instead of pursuing a corporate career?

Me being able to create music is a God-given talent and I’m blessed to have been given this talent from God

What genre would you classify your sound?

My Afro-Pop sound pays homage to my African heritage and London upbringing blending English, Pidgin English, Urhobo and Yoruba dialect in my songs

Any indication you were going to do music from childhood or music just happened?

My household was full of music and I loved music from when I was a child. I always knew about melodies, singing rhythm and song structure from a very young age

What has been your biggest accomplishment/major milestone achieved so far?

Obtaining a degree and musically making it to the last six out of thousands of people who entered the Manchester auditions for Chancers, a nationwide talent show broadcasted on Channel 4 by Matthew Knowles – Beyoncé Dad

Are you fully based in Lagos now?

I am currently in Nigeria and I’m going to be here for a while. I was born and raised in London, but I love the motherland

How supportive are your folks regarding your choice of career after studying at the University?

My parents have always been very supportive of my music before and after I graduated from University. My dad would come along with me and watch my shows in London, Manchester, Liverpool and in Nigeria etc… My mum is very good at sharing my music and my videos to her friends and family members

There are quite a number of females doing well presently, how do you intend to penetrate through and gain recognition?

I respect all the great amazing female artists in the music industry and I believe we are all queens in our own league, chasing our dreams. I’m just focusing on doing what I do best and being a better version of myself.

What is or would be your major unique selling point?

My style of music is a hybrid of African and British cultural influences. It is a fresh and energetic, vibrant Afro-Pop, Rap sound

How long have you been in music professionally?


How many of your works are out officially?

One For Me, Get Down and Anything and music videos

What are your short and long term projects you are working on?

I’m currently doing features for other artistes’ projects and also working on my EP

Who are your influences musically?

I channel musical influences such as Fela Kuti, Jay-Z, Asa and Lauryn Hill through my fresh energetic, vibrant Afro-Pop, Rap sound

What is your philosophy of life?

God and wisdom

Are you currently signed to a label or you are an independent artiste?

I’m currently an independent artiste for now, working with Team Ubi

Which artistes would you love to work with?

I would love to work with so many top great artistes and upcoming talented artistes. The list is endless… So if you’re reading this, contact me… Let’s work, also let me give Tush Magazine an exclusive. I’ve got a top artiste who will be on my EP, which I’m currently working on. So keep a look out for that coming soon

Asides music, what else would you have considered doing?

Athletics or Banking


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