20-year-old Jack Harris may not be a household name, but he is well on his way to becoming one. After multiple successful ventures and consulting gigs with Fortune 500 companies, Harris has embarked upon a mission to use global brand power as a means to connect people from all walks of life. We had the opportunity to interview Jack Harris about his bold initiative, and his outlook is nothing short of extraordinary.

TM: What is it exactly that you’re doing in this new venture?

JH: I am harnessing the global footprint of brands such as Coca Cola and Walmart in order to unify people around common goals.

TM: What exactly does that look like?

JH: Let’s use Coca Cola as an example. Imagine purchasing a bottle of Coca Cola in the United States that has the Instagram username of a Nigerian musician printed on the label. My goal is to use global brands as a catalyst of striking conversations and relationships between people who are oceans apart.

TM: Why would someone in America care about a Nigerian musician?

JH: This is where the power of brand suggestion comes into play. Believe it or not, many consumers would most likely conclude that the Nigerian musician must truly be worth exploring if a brand like Coca Cola has aligned itself with them.

TM: Won’t consumers just view this as yet another form of marketing?

JH: Not if brands are very thoughtful about who they choose to present to the world. The idea is to integrate cultures beyond borders through the widespread sharing of content, ideas, and passions.

TM: What gives you the edge as a consultant that makes these global powerhouse companies seek your guidance?

JH: I think I just have a keen intuition when it comes to the mindset of my generation. I always keep my finger on the pulse of what’s trending, and I soak up information like a sponge. My ability to give insight into what makes my generation tick is something I’ve become known for in the marketing sector.

TM: Isn’t this just a twist on endorsements?

JH: Endorsements go both ways. Celebrities customarily are sought after to help

brands, but in this case I am using brands to turn an unknown into a someone.

Jack Harris has clearly carved out a niche in the world of marketing. He is speaking at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Council this year, and it will be very interesting to see how his career develops over time. You can connect with him on Instagram via his page

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