“Timini again??!” my sister exclaimed when she read the cast list in the film’s description box. This was the third Timini Egbuson movie we had watched in the span of four days and I was initially skeptical about watching another. My initial skepticism was put to rest when I remembered his stellar performance in Breaded Life, one of the films I had previously watched. His role and performance in breaded life were formidable; honestly, I was blindsided by it.

Earlier this week, Biodun Stephen’s blockbuster, Introducing the Kuju’s released on Amazon Prime and it’s been an exhilaratingly refreshing watch. The 2020 comedy-drama is a wonderful modern-day film that presents the complexities of a Nigerian family. The star-studded cast is made up of Bisola Aiyeola (who also doubles as a producer on the project), Femi Jacobs, Timini Egbuson, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Ronke Odusonya, and several other talents.

The film starts off with Mausin (Bisola Aiyeola) arriving at her family home in Badagry, coupled with a wild chase going on in a market. The chaotic chase, orchestrated by two children – Tombra and Bibi – garners an angry mob who chase them down to their mother’s kiosk. At Badagry, Mausi starts to clean up the long-unoccupied house, when her younger brother, Maugbe storms the house, unaware that anyone is home (which I still find bizarre because all the lights were on). After a brief comedic reception between both siblings, Mausin engulfs Maugbe in her devious plan to reunite her estranged siblings to come home for their late mother’s fifth-year memorial.

The five Kuju siblings, Maupe (Ronke Odusonya), Mautin(Femi Jacobs), Mauyon (Kunle Remi), Mausin (Bisola Aiyeola), and Maugbe(Timini Egbuson); are riddled with severe, deep-rooted issues that have strained their relationship over the years. Mausin and Maugbe team up to bring their siblings home for their mother’s funeral. While calling up their siblings – in alphabetical order – we’re introduced to the friction amongst each other. Through the film, we see the severity of the relationship unravel, in a series of deeply emotional fights between the siblings.

Tagged a comedy-drama, it’s invigorating that the comedy doesn’t overshadow how powerful the story is. Many of us have seen firsthand how cancerous internal family issues can be and Biodun Stephen perfectly captured how emotionally tasking it is to watch family relationships deteriorate. Femi Jacobs gave an award-winning performance in his role as Mautin, the eldest brother in the Kuju household. The squabbles between his character and Ronke Odusonya’s felt personal – as they should – and drew you into the heart of the issue.

The cast and crew of Introducing The Kuju’s truly outdid themselves with this heartwarming project. The Kuju family is one I would love to know more about in future films, hence my excitement for the recently announced sequel coming soon. Introducing The Kuju’s is the perfect family film for everyone to watch this weekend.

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