Sometime early this year, the online community was buzzing with stories of a new recruit into the Mavin Records Family; A label housing the likes of Don Jazzy, D’Prince, Dr Sid and Tiwa Savage. Confirming the story, on February 14th Don Jazzy unveiled Di’ja via social media and thereafter released one of her songs produced by him.

The track titled “Yaro” upon its release trended for a couple of hours and that indeed launched the music career of this talented lady with an infectious personality into the Nigerian music industry. Hooking up with her, she shed more insight about her career with one of our ccorrespondents amidst laughters and stories.


Q: Can we get to know you? What are your full names?

Di’ja: My full name is Hadiza Salma Blell.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your family background?

Di’ja: My family background… My mother is Nigerian, Zaria to be precise and my father is a Sierra Leonean/ Lebanese. I grew up in Kaduna state.

Q: What’s your educational background like?

Di’ja: In school I studied Biochemistry and Psychology; I actually have two degrees. I had a science background but I’ve always been an artsy fatsy.

Q: How did your passion for music begin?

Di’ja: I believe it had something to do with my parents collection of old CDs; my mum especially. But I think it’s innate. Di tin don dey since 19 zont… *lol*

Everyone loves music; some of us just take it the extra mile.

Q: How would you classify the kind of music you make?

Di’ja: The kind of music I make is called good music. It’s a combination of how I feel that moment and what I want you to feel. So if I feel like turning up we put minds together and we turn sh** up. Truly though, it’s all about the inspiration at the moment, depending on what the Almighty feeds me.

Q: What genre would you classify your kind of music?

Di’ja: I don’t have a genre. Genres put u in a box. But I would call it Pop if you really have to box it up.


Q: True that, genres put you in a box. So tell us, how did you become a Mavin?

Di’ja: Finally an interviewer that’s cool!

It was a combination of divine events really; from our prayers, to my manager’s efforts to Don Jazzy listening to my previous songs and wanting to work on a project with me. And today here we are.

I was technically in the pipe-line for consideration for a few months. We worked and created songs together to see the chemistry between the rest of the crew and I.

Q: How long did this “technically” take?

Di’ja: About 8months if I remember correctly. Like they say nothing beautiful or good comes easy.


Q: How has it been working with the Mavins and Don Jazzy so far?

Di’ja: How do you think it’s been? It’s been amazing! It’s a lot of work. The kind of work you want though, I’m learning every moment.

Q: Rounding up, I should ask, has there been any challenges working with them so far?

Di’ja: Well yes, the challenges of feeling you aren’t good enough. When you work with such talented people you want to do well, not just for yourself but for them as well. At least so they don’t regret their choice Lol.

Correspondent: I can imagine! It’s been nice talking with you Di’ja, thank you for your time & your jokes of course. On behalf of Tush Magazine, we wish you a wonderful musical career ahead of you.




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