Tuesday marked the end of Innocent Chikezie’s solo exhibition, Memorable Glimpse, at Terra Kulture. The exhibition was a collection of pieces that reflected of the artist’s childhood. These nostalgic pieces are not felt by the artist alone but by the audience as well. A single glimpse of the pieces would transport you to the simpler days.

While conversing with Innocent at Terra Kulture, he opened up about the inspiration behind his portrait paintings. “These women are so unique it almost feels like they are real, are any of them from your personal life?” I asked. He confessed his portrait paintings, which are from a Ray of Hope series, started off as a means to encourage his sisters. He grew up with seven sisters whom now struggle with the harsh realities of life. In a bid to comfort his sisters, he began a series of portraits of African Women to encourage and give some hope in this harsh and unfair world.

The Aroma of home is a piece I particularly like. It immediately reminds me of my hometown and I think maybe it’s because of the chicken. Chickens have this distinct smell that instantly remind you of the village. Mixing that smell with the other elements of the piece is a sure way to make you feel nostalgic.

It’s evident Innocent Chikezie is a talented artist, documenting Nigeria and our general culture through his work. His pieces unite the different cultures in Nigeria into single, relatable art.

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