The Nigeria music industry is constantly developing more avenues to allow for more revenue generation for artistes musical contents be it audios or videos, one of the many ways is replicating “a kind of iTunes” service. Selling contents digitally for a Nigeria act has always been in dispute as to whether it would succeed in a market place like Nigeria but gradually artistes are coming to appreciate the fact that aside shows and album sales, there are other means by which they can rake in money. In the global community, platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Vevo, YouTube and others each have their unique features but in general they generate revenues for the artistes. Catching on the trend, indigenous platforms have been created to service this need for Nigeria artistes and thus far it has been an interesting journey. Find below a list of indigenous music streaming apps:



SPINLET – is Nigeria and indeed Africa’s premier music streaming platform. They launched at a time when Nigerians were still coming to terms with music streaming. Spinlet offers artistes a wide range of benefits from monetizing their contents non-exclusively to acting as artistes aggregators to other international streaming platforms. Since their launch in 2010, they have gone on to service a large number of Nigeria acts. Globally, Spinlet also seats with the world’s techie group with them having an operating office in San Francisco. Spinlet’s focuses primarily on artistes’ audio contents using their platform and recently due to their international affiliation, they have been able to broker a deal with heavyweight video streaming platforms – YouTube and Vevo.  In a previous interview, Spinlet placed their active subscribers’ base at over 850,000+ which is a quite a number.


CLOUD 9–Cloud 9 launched heavily into the Nigeria music industry recently and they are looking to generating revenues for artistes and value for their subscribers. Cloud 9Music is an integrated mobile music/entertainment platform which offers music lovers the best of Nigerian and International music, as well as a host of other features that enhance the experience of consuming and enjoying good music. With their launch, it is obvious streaming music is fast becoming an interesting source of revenue generation for artistes and the platforms alike. Cloud 9 Music is exactly no different from iTunes but with their focus primarily on Nigerian artistes.




MTN music plus free browsing

MTNMUSIC + – MTN has always supported Nigeria music from time immemorial, creating avenues to create more profits for both artistes and giving value to the end customer. With their RBT initiative, they have generated extra revenues expanding their frontiers in 2014, they launched a music streaming platform called MTN MUSIC + in a well-attended ceremony where most MTN ambassadors thrilled the night with great performances.







ORIN – NET Newspapers, an online entertainment news platform launched Orin as its music streaming service with the aim of “correcting the anomalies in the music industry”. The service comes with no charge and allows service providers gather and analyze data as per viewing, ratings etc. Orin incorporates social media functionality into its experience, thus allowing upcoming artists popularize their music. Orin also comes with a geo-location feature which gives artists and labels a picture of the geographical spread of their content, thus aiding decision making as regards touring and marketing communications. These perks totally put the icing on the cake in terms of music streaming benefits.






First published in Tush Magazine Issue 12

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