Dressing is an act of putting on clothes whether for oneself or someone else. A dress can be formal or informal depending on the occasion. Indecent dressing is the deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public. There is a popular saying, that “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.” This is of a truth as dressing decently attracts respect, also makes you look mature and responsible. Indecent dressing does not improve one’s beauty; rather, it attracts harassment, rape, disrespect and molestation.

The most important reason we dress is to cover our nakedness; others may include provision of warmth, protection, identification of the wearer (sex, occupation, age), religious purpose etc. Some dresses may be considered beautiful but neither covers ones nakedness nor offer protection. Dressing in the 18th and 19th centuries was patterned in accordance with these purposes but where does 21st century fashion leave us? Indecent dressing!

Indecent dressing has become a norm in our society today especially among youths. All sorts of bad clothing on campuses, streets, offices and even places of worship. Crazy jeans, miniskirts, crop top, bump-short, gowns showing sensitive parts of the body, some even walk almost naked on the street corrupting innocent minds. There is no reason a guy or a lady will expose parts of his or her body that should be covered, and will feel good about it subsequently, just because it is in vogue or to impress opposite sex. 21st century fashion is gradually turning to “madness”. A century where rags are considered “tush” and decent clothes are considered “old fashioned.” The increasing rate of indecent dressing in the 21st century is alarming and needs urgent attention.

There are several reasons indecent dressing is rampant in the society today. These include: Poor parental guidance, building of self-esteem, misuse of the internet, influence from friends, negligence of religious institutions among others.


1.Rape and Molestation: The major cause of rape and molestation in our society today is indecent dressing as men are aroused with visual stimulation provided by sexy dresses. 

2.Losing out on jobs:  Most employers will never employ someone who dresses indecently. They are usually considered the irresponsible ones.

3.Loss of value: Our pride and value as ladies lies in the hidden and protected treasure. Ladies who expose their bodies are usually considered cheap by men and an easy target for pleasing their sexual desires.

Indecent dressing indicates general moral decadence and abandonment of modesty.


1.Parents should serve as role models to their children by dressing well.

2.Dress codes should be introduced in higher institutions.

3.Religious institutions should promote decent dressing. 

4.Mass media should create awareness about dangers of indecent dressing

5.Strict measures should be taken against those found guilty.

This article was written by Ipinmoroti Deborah Ifeoluwa; connect with her on IG here