Today, I’d like to write to every visionary and aspiring world changer striving to make impacts through their little capacities in Nigeria, my country, also in Africa. 

As a young visionary, you discover your whole life is really about a higher course. You know the world has needs and having identified, you feel it’s your responsibility to provide that needed change. You feel you could achieve something really noteworthy that could “change the world” so you keep dreaming BIG but this, sometimes overwhelm you and you’re left wondering of the way forward.

Below are 2 powerful insights to guide your pursuit to success:

1. Always Be Prepared!

You must prepare for success even if there is no indication of it. You must prepare for success even if you have become accustomed to failure. You must prepare for success even if nobody in your life ever achieved anything. Take time to prepare hard.”

―John Ndeere

Undeniably, this is very important. Success doesn’t come cheaply; it is not handed over to you by merely desiring it – you must prepare to FIGHT and EARN it! Yes, you must decide to push through in spite of all the setbacks and challenges. 

Also, you must develop a persistent and resilient mind-set; one that accepts nothing less than success, one that only affirms “I Must Make It” even when the possibilities are so slim.

You must be prepared to face the battles in the field, the hurdles on the path and the pains in the process of achieving success – making your dream a reality even when you’re accustomed to failing. Be prepared for success. 

2. Keep Building Capacity

“To succeed in life, you must build the CAPACITY to go through failure and the RESISTANCE from allowing that failure go through you.”

― Awolumate Samuel

A preacher once said, “You don’t give out to others from what’s retained in you, what you give out is your overflow.”

Know that you’re not yet ready to impact anybody’s life if you have not reached the brim of your own self and already overflowing…

Just as a single drop of rain cannot flood the earth, so knowledge derived from reading “One Book” isn’t enough to teach and lead a generation of hungry and thirsty minds seeking more!

You must constantly crave for more. More knowledge, more wisdom, more abilities, more skills, more strength and more capabilities. You must be ready to stretch out every convenience and do more!

Quit complaining because no one really cares about your pathetic story, what the world awaits are your resounding results. 

So, shut up and act! 

Do something; build Capacity!

You must first be changed to change others. You can’t be poverty-stricken and expect to become another person’s prosperity coach!

Follow your own principles first and make that wealth, then watch others convincingly follow you! By then, your results not your words will speak for you!

Stay Motivated my friend, fellow Visionary and aspiring World Changer!

This article was written by Seth Thomas; connect with him on IG here 

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