Recently, I happened to be in the midst of three guys who were having a conversation about the importance of education, in their own words – a university degree. These men, each successful in their own fields made me question the need for passing through school just to obtain a degree.


We live in a world where a university education is termed as the ultimate and by “world”, I mean “Nigeria”. But day after day, the world around us changes and we are hit constantly by the realization that we cannot continue to live through the conventional means, new occupations arise on a daily basis. Now you have occupations which weren’t in existence some 20, 30 years ago and do they fetch money? You can bet they do. Now, you have programmers, app developers, graphic artists, bloggers, these sorts of things were not studied in the university. Now the youths have role models in Linda Ikeji, the Bella Naijas, and the Maraji, whose art that has made them rich and famous and not what they studied in the university. So it begs the question, is a university degree all that important?


Year by year, the admission board faces a herculean task trying to sift through the numerous applications of students seeking admissions into the various universities. And trust me; half of these students do not even want to work with their degrees when they are done. Hell, they do not even know anything about the courses they chose. After school, you see them venturing into things that are not related to their course of study.


I feel like instead of using all that time wasted in studying something really insignificant to your passion, why not use the four years to get schooled on your art. I.e. If you want to be a fashion designer, go to fashion school and get a degree at designing, you want to be a writer, study something related to that and spare us having to correct your write-ups especially when you use “am” for “I am or I’m”; you want to be a programmer, go to programming school, you want to be a farmer, apply to study at an agricultural university. Don’t go filling your jamb form with Computer Science when what you really want to study is Agriculture. That way, there would be less wasted time, less wasted funds, less wasted years, less….so much more. You wouldn’t have to go through any mid-life crisis or all of those things motivational speakers talk about leaving one career to start another.


But then again, it boils down to how early we push children into schools. Children of 15 get into the university; do you honestly want to tell me that at 15, a person knows what they want out of life? I guess not.


A university education is important but only if you are studying something related to your passion. Otherwise, kindly help reduce the figures of those who apply to universities by going to a school where your art is studied. Thanks.


This article was written by Blessing Iyamadiken

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