“I had a journal growing up where I wrote things I would want to do. It was a time I went through an unhappy moment and I was not achieving what I wanted, so I wrote down things I wanted to achieve in life. I saw that journal about 2 years ago and I was literally screaming as I was reading it. I crossed out everything apart from two and it was a very scary moment for me.” – Uti


It must be truly overwhelming to have such an event happen to anyone but this is the true story of Uti Charles Nwachukwu, reminiscing on how far he has come from being a small Delta boy to Big Brother Africa (BBA) star, actor, model, TV presenter and show host.

Born to a family of 8, Uti is the last of 6 kids and a graduate of Benson Idahosa University where he bagged double honors in Computer Science and Education. He has no background in media but he is no stranger to the screen of any TV savvy Nigerian or African at large. After winning the BBA reality TV show in 2010, Uti did not rest on his oars or bask in the euphoria of his new found fame, rather he plunged himself into making the most of his platform by fulfilling his childhood dreams of becoming a media household name.

Having starred in slightly over 10 Nollywood movies such as Finding Mercy, Weekend Getaway, Red Hot, In the Cupboard Deep Inside etc he is not desperate in appearing in lot of movies as he selects his script and in his words, “does not want to add to the mediocrity that is already in the industry.” His major line of work is TV presenting and hosting and not only does he present Jara, a TV show on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 alongside Helen Paul, he also hosted the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award (AMVCA) red carpet show in 2015 alongside Eku Edewor.

Growing up, there was a serious God-factor underlying his upbringing. It is no surprise therefore that he accords God as his strategy to winning and succeeding in life. When he was a child, he daydreamed a lot in class about being a media person. So it’s safe to say Uti is here to stay and has no impending plans of branching out. However, he wants to be remembered as the guy who did things differently in respect to the quality of his job, positive change, introducing new cultures and most especially, helping people. In this regard, Uti grooms people to be the best of actors, artists, models etc.

Uti means Greatness and from his story, one can tell the meaning of his name is working in his favour. It is almost expected that he calls himself Uti the Great but his love for British culture and properness influenced the name Sir Uti which he goes by on social media. When asked how he maintains the Sir Uti brand, he was unhesitant in acknowledging God as his strategy. “Every day I freefall into my day trusting God will catch me. I’m not one to make serious plans because every time I make serious plans God has shown up to tell me no be me get myself.”

Entertainment is his passion as well as his business and it will interest people to know that besides acting and TV presenting, Uti is a recording artist and music was always his first love. He attempted music in 2011 with a song titled Once In My Life and today it is an award winning single for Pop Rock Alternative. He has records he plans on releasing later, not necessarily for business but as a personal project.

Uti is indeed a cocktail of personalities and certainly, I cannot wait to see the levels to his greatness he plans to unravel in imminent projects such as Breathless, which is a soon-to-be released movie and Duplicity, a TV series set to debut in no distant time.


First published in Issue 13

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