From being known as the King of Photoshop, no one saw Adekunle Gold’s switch to music coming. He literally swept people off their feet and it was a good sweep indeed. Having put out 4 singles in a space of 2 years and with 3 of those singles being about love/relationships, Adekunle Gold is not shy to admit he loves women, and says he loves the idea of love and thinks love is beautiful.

Describing his genre of music as Urban Highlife, the Lagos State Polytechnic graduate of Arts and Design decided to capitalize on his heavy use of Yoruba language, fusing it with a bit of Pidgin and English as well to develop his unique sound. Having listened to the likes of King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey while growing up and drawing inspiration from them, it is safe to say Adekunle Gold is doing a great job of establishing himself as one of the new school alternative music guys and he backed this up by clinching the award for Best Alternative Song at the 2015 Headies.

He is a dogged fan of Asa and expressed this saying “if I were to mention 5 people in the industry I’ll like to work with, it will be Asa, Asa, Asa,Asa, Asa. I’m such a huge fan.”

Adekunle Gold is not only a singer and love crooner. He is a songwriter as well and was part of the contributing songwriters on Darey’s Naked album. When he is not making music, he plays video games a lot and loves to look at pictures, exercising his creative mind as a graphic artist.

He lives for the testimonies that emerge from listening to songs and gushed about how the feedback he got from releasing Sade was centered mainly on the fact that it helped guys go get their dream girl. He says he would not rest on his oars and his ultimate legacy has to be great music; music that people can reflect on, dance to and especially, heal them.

Although he misses his private life and cannot “fly bike” the way he used to due to his loathe for traffic, he appreciates the love from fans so far and says it honestly feels good to be recognized by people.

From graphic artistry to singing and now an album on the way, Adekunle Gold is a mine of surprises and plans to unveil in a big way, his finesse with an instrument he has dedicated a lot of time to perfecting. Many will agree it’s been a long time coming; so watch out.

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