Standing independently as an artiste, Panshak Zamani popularly known as Ice Prince has decided to stir things for himself by releasing his third studio album just after his exit from Chocolate City whom we all knew him with. Interestingly, there have been speculations on how well he would be able to handle his affairs independently but with the release of his Jos To The World project, it is quite obvious he means business. Read an excerpt of the interview we had with him on his decisions, projects and music.


Your decision to leave Chocolate City was received with mixed reactions from the media; would you say that was a wise move for you as an artiste?

Well, I feel it was a right step in the right direction for me; I’m 30 years old now, meaning I’m matured enough to make the right decision for myself as a man. Talking about any issue that led me in making such move, I will tell you there wasn’t any.  I mean I served my contract with Chocolate City and served another extra two years outside my contract. Chocolate City is one big unbreakable family and I’m glad to be part of it.


We all know Chocolate City is a big family; being on your own now, do you think they might be able to influence you still?

Definitely, Chocolate City will always play a big in my life and in my career. I’ll like to correct a statement you made, there is no such thing as being on my own. I have been able to build a large collection of people that work with me; I have a team in the US, I have a team also in the UK and in South Africa, so it is not as if I left Chocolate City to stand on my own. I have always had a structure right from the inception of my career and these people have worked with me all along. I should be about the only artiste in Nigeria with such amount of persons in a team.


Let’s talk about your new project – Jos To The World; lately, artistes are beginning to give props to their place of birth and turning it into music, is that what your new project would serve?

For the records, this is my third studio album and it should not be compared to other artistes’ works. The name was birthed after the release of Fire of Zamani – my second album. I already knew it will be the name of my album, although there were times I felt I should change it but I stuck it with and now it’s here. This is like the third phase of my career and I feel the next level of my career is to actually play my music on the world stage. Moreso if you know Ice Pince very well, then you know my lingua is from Jos; I’m Jos bred all the way and I’m taking that to the world. That’s basically the concept behind the name of the album.


Do you have any other follow-up projects you’re currently working on?

Currently, my attention is on the Jos To The World project. I have other projects coming up but I’m primarily focusing on this for now. I have my baby label – Super Cool Cat to work on; In the terms of the music, I recorded over 70 songs for the Jos To The World album but just 18 made it while others will eventually make the Trash Can EP.


What will you say is your highlight on this project?

That would be me releasing it independently. I mean my two previous albums were released under a certain umbrella but for this I own 100% and that’s a first for me. Having that experience is definitely the highlight for me.


What do hope to achieve with the Super Cool Cat brand?

Super Cool Cat is a 360 degrees entertainment outfit specialising in music, art and fashion. There are talented artistes on the label with nice music, we have the fashionistas and then we have the art guys who do the graphics and visuals. So Super Cool Cat is here to stay. Just right after Fire of Zamani, I released the Ice Prince Super Fly sunglasses which turned out successful and I intend bringing it back again.


How has your journey been from ELI to J2TW now?

It’s being an amazing journey so far. ELI introduced me nicely to a big audience; FOZ came through and put Ice Prince on a pedestal platform and I’m moving on to the next level with J2TW. Generally, it has been a smooth journey so far. I have been on some amazing platforms, dated some pretty ladies and made some money too. I have lived the life practically.


What is your philosophy for living life?

I have so many philosophies I live by but one of the most important I live by is: I don’t measure other people’s success with mine – I learnt this from SixFoot Plus long ago. He came to our studio back then and we had pictures of people we admired splattered on the wall and he mentioned that quote to me. Also, 2Face Idibia told me a long time ago too that no matter the level of your success, someone has been there and someone will definitely be there even after you leave. These are some of the few philosophies I abide with.

Culled from Issue 14

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