Like many others in the same suspicious trade, Hushpuppi has been bestowed his celebrity status by the social media culture of worshiping ostentatious figures, a culture that celebrates showy and loud characters, while ignoring the source of the wealth on display.

In the first place, it is this culture that got Hushpuppi the mass attention that he now basks in. His display of expensive watches, fancy clothes, his dapper looks and his model appearances has helped him command the followership of tens of thousands of social media users.

While he is not the only one making the black deals and reaping heavily from it, Hushpuppi is perhaps the most vocal and most active of them on social media. I have cause to believe that even in his line of work; he is considered as some sort of star, whose bravery and brazen acts are heroic.

Hushpuppi’s puzzling influence has grown over the years, and so also, his interest in the entertainment industry has been on the rise. He has assumed the position of a fashion expert and a whistleblower, who is either talking about celebrities whose wrist –watches are not genuine or he is suggesting that a certain star is exaggerating his wealth. Hushpuppi is often in the business of throwing shades at those in the upper crust of the Nigerian entertainment industry, and his reason for engaging in these acts is might not be far-fetched.

While Hushpuppi has not officially stated his reasons for trying to grab himself a seat in the circle of Nigerian celebrities, the public has had to discuss about him and his manner of doing so. It is clear that his preferred tactic is to ridicule the spending habit of celebrities, in comparison to his. Hushpuppi appears to live a life of luxury, a life that is normally associated with music superstars, but he would not have music stars stand in the spotlight while he is in the background.

Hushpuppi enjoys being seen as a princely figure whose life is fashioned in gold and other bright colours. With this ethos, he sees music stars as his biggest competition and so, he appears to be interested in proving that he, and not any of them, is the realest. Davido has had to deal with the insolence of Hushpuppi; Ice Prince, KCEE and Phyno are currently drawn into it, and it is even possible that more entertainers would likely be targeted in the future.

From what is seen on the pages of social media, Hushpuppi lives a luxurious life that would have been enviable if only the source of it all is known. He wears a lordly status, which he placed upon himself, with the help of the people he gets his encore from. He has fed on this encore for a while now, and he appears to be dangerously dependent on it now, so in search of more, he turns is focus to the entertainment industry, the place where the stars cluster and the paparazzi is intense. Anyone in this sphere could be Hushpuppi’s target; anyone of the fashion-inclined music superstars would be a good target of ridicule for Hushpuppi, who does not care what is said about him or his actions, so long he gets a share of the spotlight that he desperately craves.



This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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